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This article is about the item used in the Watchtower quest. For the item used to free the dwarf in Recipe for Disaster, see Dwarven rock cake.

Rock cake detail.png

A rock cake is a strange ogre delicacy. It is a cake made of stone. Players cannot buy rock cakes from the ogres. Instead, they are stolen from the market stall in the ogre town of Gu'Tanoth. Stealing a rock cake requires a Thieving level of 15 and yields 6.5 Thieving experience.

Rock cakes cannot be gained until the relevant part of the Watchtower quest. A rock cake is required as a bribe in order to access the central parts of the Gu'Tanoth, which is necessary during the Watchtower quest. The player must give a rock cake to an ogre guard in order to be allowed to climb over a rampart that blocks the way to a rope bridge.

Rock cakes are inedible by a human. When "eaten", the player character will say, "Ow! I nearly broke a tooth!". After this dialogue is dismissed, the player loses a fraction of their current HP, and the cake is destroyed. Using the "guzzle" option will deal twice as much damage as using the "eat" option.

Ogre rock cakes aren't an optimal method of depleting one's own hitpoints; many have to be "eaten" in order to fall under 10% Hitpoints. The dwarven rock cake has similar effects when "eaten", although it won't be destroyed in the process and can be eaten again with no delay.