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Rock hammer detail.png

A rock hammer is slayer equipment that is required to kill gargoyles. Players can buy a rock hammer from any Slayer Master for 500 coins.

While damage can be done to them with a regular weapon at 75 Slayer, the hammer must be used on gargoyles to finish them off when they have 10 hitpoints or less left, unless the player has unlocked the Gargoyle smasher ability via spending 120 slayer reward points, which allows players to automatically use the hammer to finish off the gargoyle.


  • Players cannot wield the rock hammer.
  • The rock hammer is never actually seen in the gargoyle killing animation; instead, the player slams their currently equipped weapon downward as if it were a hammer.
  • Despite the fact that the examine information says it can smash stone, it cannot be used to do anything besides finishing off gargoyles.
  • Its inventory sprite resembles that of the granite maul. Prior to the debut of the Grand Exchange, this item's implication in scams was prevalent. Still, it is advisable to exercise caution when dealing with these items in the trade screen.