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Rooftop Agility Courses are a set of agility courses that were added to Old School RuneScape on 5 December 2013, and designed by BigRedJapan, who can be found at the last obstacle of each agility course apart from Falador and Pollnivneach. There are nine courses in total and there is an interval of ten Agility levels in between each course.

Unlike most other agility courses, it is typically possible to permanently run around rooftop courses, since every obstacle passed will restore 1-2% run energy.

Level Course Starting point Ticks/Lap[1] XP/Lap Max. XP/Hour
10 Draynor Village Agility Course Climb the eastern wall of the building west of the wheat field. 73(~44s) 120 10,000
20 Al Kharid Agility Course Climb the northern wall of the Tannery. 106(~64s) 180 10,100
30 Varrock Agility Course Climb the eastern wall of the general store. 108(~65s) 238 13,200
40 Canifis Agility Course Climb the tall tree at the southern wall of the food store. 73(~44s) 240 19,600
50 Falador Agility Course Climb the south wall of the building located east of the dwarf who sells the Mining skillcape. 98(~59s) 440 26,800
60 Seers' Village Agility Course Climb the south wall of the bank on the east side of the doors. 58(~35s)[2]


570 56,300[2]
70 Pollnivneach Agility Course Climb the basket on the southeast corner outside the Camel seller's shop. 101(~61s) 890 52,600
80 Rellekka Agility Course Climb the wall on the north side of the clothes shop. 85(~51s) 780 54,800
90 Ardougne Agility Course Climb the wooden beams at southeast of the market square. 76(~46s) 793 62,300

Marks of grace

Main article: Mark of grace
A mark of grace token.

The graceful outfit.

Whilst training Agility within these courses, there is a chance of finding a mark of grace. These marks spawn anywhere in the course, so the player must keep an open eye if they are to spot them. These tokens can be taken to Grace, a merchant at the Rogues' Den, and can be exchanged for a set of graceful clothing that reduces your weight when you wear it. Grace also sells the Amylase pack which contains 100 Amylase crystals - a herblore secondary required in the making of Stamina potions at 77 herblore. The tokens are spawned randomly for each player on the course that they're using. Higher-level courses have a greater chance of spawning marks than lower-level courses. If your agility level is 20 or more levels higher than the requirement for the course you will get marks at 20% of the normal rate.[3]

A tip while doing rooftop agility is to wear a regen bracelet and/or hitpoints cape if you are at, or near, the minimum level required to access the rooftop course, as they increase the rate of hitpoint regeneration following obstacle failures. These may be more beneficial than food as they weigh less and allow you to continually regenerate hp without negatively affecting your run energy.

Image Item Marks required Weight reduced
Graceful hood.png Graceful hood 35 -3 kg
Graceful cape.png Graceful cape 40 -4 kg
Graceful top.png Graceful top 55 -5 kg
Graceful legs.png Graceful legs 60 -6 kg
Graceful gloves.png Graceful gloves 30 -3 kg
Graceful boots.png Graceful boots 40 -4 kg
Amylase pack.png Amylase pack 10 N/A
Total (Graceful set) 260 -25kg


It would take you 19874 laps total to do lvl 1 to 99 agility by rooftop only, if you are using the Recruitment Drive + agility potion strategy.


  1. Ticks timed at 0.603 seconds per tick = 5970 ticks/hr.
  2. 2.0 2.1 After the Hard Kandarin diary is completed and Camelot Teleport has been redirected to Seers' Village bank, a lap of the Seers' Village Agility Course with Camelot Teleport takes 58 ticks, reaching about 58,000 xp per hour. Calculating falling off the course every once in a while and picking up marks of grace, it is ~50,000 xp per hour.
  3. Jagex. Mod Ash's Twitter account. 3 Aug 2015. Mod Ash: "If your unboosted level is 20 higher than required for the course, the rate is reduced to 20% of its normal rate."