Not to be confused with Twill accord.
Royal accord of twill detail

The royal accord of twill is the original document that declared the ruling power of Kourend. According the book, Varlamore envoy, the document was lost at sea when it was being transported to the Grand Museum of Civitas illa Fortis, the capital of Varlamore. The Accord cannot be read. Instead, a transcript of it is found in a book of the same name.

The document is recovered during The Depths of Despair, where it was found in the chest in the caverns of Crabclaw Caves after killing the Sand Snake protecting the chest. It is given to Lord Kandur Hosidius at the end of the quest.

Upon inspecting the Accord, the chatbox will display a message stating Despite its age, the scroll is in near perfect condition. It's likely that some sort of magic was used to ensure it remained preserved.

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