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Forgotten Cemetery
Trollheim Ruins (west) Bandit Camp (Wilderness)
Dark Warriors' Fortress

A player in the Ruins once known as Dareeyak.

A map of the ruins.

The ruins are all that remain of the Zarosian fortress and village once known as Dareeyak. The ruins are located in the Wilderness west of the Bandit Camp and south of the Forgotten Cemetery. These ruins have many tiles and about 10 planks scattered about and are infested with many giant spiders and bears. A lone anvil is one of the few usable artefacts remaining. There is also a hammer, cake tin, steel bar, This is not a good place to train Smithing due to the slowness of the steel bar respawn rate and the constant threat of player killers. The building in the north-east also drops a small fishing net, seed dibber, and fishing bait.

With the Wilderness Rejuvenation update, the Crazy archaeologist can be found roaming the northern area of the ruins. Passing players should be careful as he is aggressive and will attack players on sight.

Getting there

Players can easily access these ruins with the Dareeyak Teleport, requiring Desert Treasure, 78 Magic, two law runes, three fire runes and two air runes to use. Alternatively, players can use a burning amulet to teleport to Bandit Camp, exit south, and run north-west a short distance.


Dareeyak was one of Zaros's fortresses that resided in the area that is now known as the Wilderness. It was destroyed during the Third Age, an age also now known simply as the God Wars. The fortresses' demise came about when Zaros's loyal soldiers were destroyed by followers of Zamorak and Saradomin.


Music track

  • Troubled
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