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Rum is only available from Honest Jimmy at Trouble Brewing for 20 Pieces of eight. It is used to "teleport" back to Trouble Brewing, as the player is moved there during the drink's intoxicating effect.

When drunk the player will collapse and pass out, and can say a variety of things ("Oh gods! It tastes like burning!" Red One; "My Liver! My Liver is melting!" Blue One).

Trouble Brewing Rum.gif

The 'Rum' is available in two colours (blue and red), however both variants have the same effect.

However, it's much cheaper to use the minigame teleport there as it costs nothing and can be used every 20 minutes.


It is created with five buckets of water and three bowls of coloured water. The coloured water is obtained by placing petals of local flowers (from Trouble Brewing) into a kettle of boiling water and using it on an empty bowl. Sweetgrubs, obtained by luring with meat, and scrapey tree bark, obtained by using a knife on logs, are needed for the rum as well. One sweetgrub and one scrapey tree bark are needed per one rum.


  • Unlike most of Runescape's alcoholic drinks, the bottle can be seen in the player's hand as they consume it.
  • The line "It tastes like burning" is likely a reference to The Simpsons episode Das Bus, where Ralph eats berries he found and exclaims they "taste like burning".