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A detailed image of some rune arrows.

Rune arrows are a type of arrow created using the Smithing and Fletching skill. They are stronger than Adamant arrows, are stackable, and require a magic bow or better to fire. They are the best Free-to-play arrows as of the launch of the Evolution of Combat. They can be created through the Fletching skill at level 75 by using 15 Rune arrowtips on 15 headless arrows, granting 187.5 Fletching experience. Players may also obtain 50 rune arrows from the Ranging Guild in exchange for 1,020 Archery tickets.

They're dropped by several high level monsters, for example Red dragons and Fire giants.

Rune arrows are mostly used in Player killing, but not in training because of the high prices. Rangers training with Rune arrows behind fences or other impassable obstacles will definitely find the Telegrab spell useful (requires level 33 Magic), as the cost of just two arrows is greater than that of the Law rune expended. Players also use Ava's attractor, or any upgrades of it, to pick up the arrows faster with no cost to the player while saving inventory space.

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Dropping Monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Dust devil 93 12 3; Uncommon
Fire giant 86 12 3; Uncommon
Red dragon 152 4 3; Uncommon
Rare drop table N/A 1; 50; 150 4; Rare

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