Rune god armour is armour affiliated with a particular god; Saradomin, Zamorak, Guthix, Armadyl, Bandos or Zaros (Ancient). The armour resembles rune armour and has the same stats along with a +1 prayer bonus for each piece and is trimmed with a colour (white for Saradomin, red for Zamorak and green for Guthix) and has each god's symbol (a + star for Saradomin, a ω for Zamorak and a vertical ~ for Guthix). Wearing the armour of the corresponding God will make creatures in the God Wars Dungeon unaggressive towards a player.


Item Exchange price
Saradomin full helm Saradomin full helm 39,668
Saradomin platebody Saradomin platebody 61,398
Saradomin platelegs Saradomin platelegs 39,138
Saradomin plateskirt Saradomin plateskirt 38,183
Saradomin kiteshield Saradomin kiteshield 48,242


Item Exchange price
Zamorak full helm Zamorak full helm 209,857
Zamorak platebody Zamorak platebody 39,588
Zamorak platelegs Zamorak platelegs 46,934
Zamorak plateskirt Zamorak plateskirt 37,648
Zamorak kiteshield Zamorak kiteshield 46,870


Item Exchange price
Guthix full helm Guthix full helm 22,132
Guthix platebody Guthix platebody 39,803
Guthix platelegs Guthix platelegs 39,338
Guthix plateskirt Guthix plateskirt 37,518
Guthix kiteshield Guthix kiteshield 33,597


Item Exchange price
Armadyl full helm Armadyl full helm 21,109
Armadyl platebody Armadyl platebody 39,853
Armadyl platelegs Armadyl platelegs 38,564
Armadyl plateskirt Armadyl plateskirt 38,452
Armadyl kiteshield Armadyl kiteshield 33,189


Item Exchange price
Bandos full helm Bandos full helm 22,787
Bandos platebody Bandos platebody 43,141
Bandos platelegs Bandos platelegs 39,797
Bandos plateskirt Bandos plateskirt 38,232
Bandos kiteshield Bandos kiteshield 33,412

Ancient (Zaros)

Item Exchange price
Ancient full helm Ancient full helm 35,023
Ancient platebody Ancient platebody 41,207
Ancient platelegs Ancient platelegs 41,133
Ancient plateskirt Ancient plateskirt 38,385
Ancient kiteshield Ancient kiteshield 40,169

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