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Rune halberd detail.png

The rune halberd is a halberd made out of rune. It can be purchased from the Quartermaster in the Tyras Camp for 83,200 coins. It can also be obtained as a rare drop from Spiritual warriors. It requires 40 attack and 20 strength to wield. Although completion of the Regicide quest is required in order to purchase halberds from the Tyras Camp and required to wield the dragon halberd, it is not a requirement in order to wield any other halberds. Like all halberds, with this weapon you can attack at a range of two squares away, making it the only variety of melee weapon that may be used to safe-spot monsters. The halberd has three attack styles: Controlled stab (shared exp), Aggressive slash (strength exp), and Defensive stab (defence exp), making it a poor choice for players who wish to train attack, especially because of its slow attack speed.

A Rune halberd is a requirement for a hard clue scroll

Combat styles

CombatStyles halberd.png Combat style Type Experience
Jab Stab Shared
Swipe Slash Strength and Hitpoints
Fend Stab Defence and Hitpoints