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The runecraft cape is a Cape of Accomplishment that may only be acquired and worn by players who have achieved the maximum level in the Runecrafting skill, 99. Once players have trained to this level, they may purchase the cape from Aubury, located in his rune shop in east Varrock - south of the bank - for which a fee of 99,000 coins is charged. When this fee is paid, the player receives both the cape and the Runecrafting hood.

A player performing the runecraft cape's emote.

Like all skillcapes, the Runecrafting Cape gives +9 to all defensive stats, and also a +4 bonus to prayer if it is trimmed, which requires a second skill of 99. The cape is automatically trimmed if this condition is met. In addition, Aubury's rune shop has separate stock for runes when 99 runecrafting is achieved.

When the runecraft cape is equipped, it will act as a substitute to all runecrafting talismans and tiaras, allowing access to all runecrafting altars by equipping the cape. In addition, runecrafting pouches will not degrade while filling them.

As of 20 April 2019, there are 12,442 current members that have achieved level 99 in Runecrafting.