Runecrafting altars are locations throughout RuneScape at which players can use the runecrafting skill to create runes. Tiaras, talismans or a runecraft cape are needed to enter these altars. Altars are not labelled on a player's mini-map, but the runecrafting symbol is often added to unofficial maps. Players can find altars by finding them on their own, using a talisman, or by asking other players.

Altars are hidden inside 'mysterious ruins'. To find an altar using a talisman, players can right-click on the talisman and click on the 'locate' option. In the chatbox, the player will notice a message that will tell them the direction they need to go in.

When a player has found the mysterious ruins, they then need to enter the ruins. The player can enter by using their talisman with the ruins. If they are wearing an enchanted tiara or a runecrafting cape, all they have to do is click on the ruins.

When the player is inside the ruins, they are now in the altar. They can then use their essence with the altar to craft some runes. While inside an altar, a player can also enchant a tiara if they have an un-enchanted tiara in their inventory. With the un-enchanted tiara, all they have to do is use with the altar and it will become enchanted. The table below lists the locations of where the altars are.

Altar Location
Air altar Northeast of the Crafting Guild and south of Falador.
Mind altar Between Ice Mountain and Goblin Village.
Water altar South of Lumbridge in the swamps and southeast of Draynor Village.
Earth altar Northeast of Varrock, near the Lumber Yard.
Fire altar Northeast of Al Kharid.
Body altar Between Ice Mountain and Barbarian Village, as well as south of the Edgeville Monastery.
Cosmic altar The southern part of Zanaris.
Chaos altar Wilderness level 9, northwest of Edgeville.
Astral altar Southern part of Lunar Isle, no talisman required.
Nature altar North of Shilo Village.
Law altar Northern part of Entrana.
Death altar Mourning's End Part II temple, bottom floor. Also accessible from the Underground Pass.
Blood altar Great Kourend, Zeah, within the Arceuus house north-east section south of the Dark altar. No talisman is required.
Soul altar Great Kourend, Zeah, within the Arceuus house north-east section east of the Blood altar. No talisman is required.
Wrath altar South of the Myths' Guild through the Corsair Cove Dungeon.


  • Most of the areas that the altars are located match its element (the Water altar is in a swamp, the Fire altar is in a desert, the Chaos altar is in the Wilderness, etc.).
  • Runecrafting altar entrances are not marked on the world map.

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