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Sacred eels are members-only fish that can be caught at Zul-Andra with a fishing rod and bait with at least level 87 Fishing, granting 105 Fishing experience per eel caught. The village may only be accessed once players reach the Tyras Camp during Regicide.

With a Cooking level of 72, the fish can be dissected with a knife to extract Zulrah's scales. Dissecting the fish can give 3-9 scales and 109-124 Cooking experience. A player's Cooking level affects how many scales are received when they are dissected. With a Cooking level in the mid 80s, one can expect to average around 5 scales per fish.

With 90 Fishing and Cooking, you can expect to gain about 21,300 Fishing experience, 23,800 Cooking experience, and about 1,200 Zulrah's scales per hour.

With 97 Fishing and 99 Cooking, you can expect to gain about 23,500 Fishing experience, 26,400 Cooking experience, and about 1500 scales per hour (about 200-225 eels).

The amount of scales acquired from every dissected sacred eel is scaled with 7-level intervals, meaning you get the most scales at level 104, if you were to boost for that. The other intervals are level 96-103, 88-95, 80-87 etc. Which means that at level 96 you'd get same as if you were level 99.[1]

On death, each sacred eel's worth counts as 12850 gold.

Dissecting a sacred eel is a possible challenge given by Sherlock on a master level Treasure Trail.


  • According to High Priestess Zul-Harcinqa, people who eat the sacred eels will become one with the Zul-Andra tribe, and causes their original families and tribes to shun them as unclean creatures, forcing them to remain in Zul-Andra and worship Zulrah, whom the tribe sees as their god.
    • When attempting to eat a sacred eel, the player will see a message: "You've seen what these eels did to the Zul-Andra tribe. Eating one yourself seems remarkably unwise."