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Safta Doc is a retired fisherman and father of Karaday who can be found by the Calquat tree patch in Tai Bwo Wannai. Players can obtain trading sticks from him when they have favour in Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup, and can also buy gem edged machetes from him at the following costs :

You must be in the minigame (have favour showing) to do this trade. You must also have partially repaired a section of fence and received Trading Sticks by talking to Murcaily in order to get the required conversation option to pop up.

You must have repaired a part of the village fence before you can get the chat option to buy a machete from Safta Doc. To do this you require a machete and some Thatch spars. Once you have repaired the fence, talk with Murcaily, you will then have the option to buy a machete from Safta Doc.


  • Safta means grandmother in Hebrew.
  • Apparently, the rare, wild gout tuber is a cheap resource for Safta. The price difference between his machetes and Gabooty's is 200, 400, and 800 trading sticks for opal, jade, and red topaz machetes respectively. Since you provide the materials to Safta and you do not for Gabooty, it can be assumed that the difference is the cost of materials. While Safta Doc could be raising his price for a special order, Gabooty, like any good middle-man, would also mark up his price to make a profit, thus negating any abnormalities. Even if he is able to obtain gems from Shilo village for outrageously low prices, the gout tuber would still be much cheaper to him than to a non-native. It could be possible that the natives of Karamja have better knowledge of where to find gout tubers or how to cultivate them.