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Te salt detail

Salts are minerals found in the Salt Mine underneath Weiss. There are four types of salts: basalt, efh salt, te salt and urt salt.

Basalts are used alongside the other three salts to create stony and icy basalt, which can be used to teleport to the Troll Stronghold or Weiss, respectively.

In addition, with the appropriate Construction level, players can build fire pits in several locations around the world to receive various convenient effects.

Players may also use 100 te salt, 300 urt salt, and 100 basalt to direct a POH portal to the Troll Stronghold.


Item Exchange price
Basalt Basalt 1,010
Te salt Te salt 74
Efh salt Efh salt 81
Urt salt Urt salt 76


  • The three salts, Te, Efh and Urt, spell out "Teef hurt", suggesting the Weiss trolls attempted to eat them before discovering its use for Firemaking.

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