Old School RuneScape Wiki

The salve amulet(ei) is an upgraded version of the salve amulet. The salve amulet (e) can be imbued into a salve amulet(ei) through playing the Nightmare Zone minigame. It costs 800,000 points to imbue. The protect value of the Salve Amulet (ei) is 220,000 coins.

When imbued it increases the wearer's damage and accuracy in Ranged and Magic by 20% while attacking undead monsters. This is in addition to the 20% boost to Attack and Strength that is already provided by the original Salve amulet (e).

If you are attacking several monsters in multi-combat zones then this boost will work with melee as normal. However, for magic and ranged attacks it will only work on your primary targeted opponent.

The 20% strength and attack bonuses DO NOT stack with the black mask's 16.67% strength and attack bonuses but DOES stack with Void Knight equipment. If the black mask and salve amulet are worn at the same time, only the salve amulet's bonuses will be applied.

Affected monsters

The salve amulet and its enchanted version are effective against the following undead creatures.