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This article is about the item. For the rock which the item comes from, see Sandstone rock.

Sandstone is an item that can only be mined from sandstone rocks at the Western desert mining site (Quarry) south of the Bandit Camp in the Kharidian Desert. In the quarry, as in the desert, Desert heat will continually reduce the player's Hitpoints unless the player has waterskins in the inventory or wears the Desert amulet 4.

Sandstone respawns quickly, so a player can mine continuously at a group of only 3-4 rocks. Thus, it can be quickly mined for fast XP. When sandstone is mined, the player randomly receives one of the four sizes of sandstone blocks.

Sandstone is tradeable, but it is in very low demand because it currently has no use other than in the quest Enakhra's Lament to make part of Lazim's statue.

A player must have a Mining level of 35 or greater to mine sandstone, which yields the following experience depending on the size the sandstone block mined:

Size XP Examine Text
Sandstone (1kg).png 1 kg 30 A tiny chunk of sandstone.
Sandstone (2kg).png 2 kg 40 A small chunk of sandstone.
Sandstone (5kg).png 5 kg 50 A medium-sized chunk of sandstone.
Sandstone (10kg).png 10 kg 60 A large chunk of sandstone.