Saniboch chathead

Saniboch is a tribesman who guards the Brimhaven Dungeon. Players must pay 875 coins to him to gain entrance. Alternatively, players may pay a one-time fee of 1,000,000 coins to him to gain permanent access to the dungeon. An axe is needed in order to navigate the dungeon. Only players who are prepared should enter, as it is very dangerous and contains some very powerful monsters, the strongest of which are Steel dragons.

Saniboch is likely not the first guard of the dungeon. According to Herman's book, the Wise Old Man once ventured onto Karamja when he was young, where he advised one of the island's tribes to charge for entry to the dungeon. In addition, Saniboch mentions that he has an employer.

Saniboch is the answer to the Hard Clue riddle "Gold is all I require, Give me 875 gold if death you desire." He will give you a puzzle box for you to complete.


  • He has a sister named Banisoch.
  • Players have the option of telling Saniboch that they are impressed that a tree is growing on the door. Saniboch will say that his employer told him that is an uncommon tree called the Fyburglars tree. This leaves some to wonder if this dungeon was created by a group of people. It may also imply the tree is fake and is actually a fiberglass tree.
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