Sarius Guile chathead

Sarius Guile is a servant of Vanescula Drakan and is first seen during the Darkness of Hallowvale quest. She lives in a house on the east side of Meiyerditch, although she is never home. Instead, she is likely in or around Castle Drakan, working. She is humbly dressed, but her status as servant of a Drakan still makes her exude something of importance, unlike the frail Meiyerditch citizens. She is still extremely lean, however, which may mean Sarius has to pay blood tithes as well.

During Darkness of Hallowvale, she saves the player from their death at the hands of Vanstrom Klause, under the orders of Vanescula Drakan. With Vanstrom gone, she gives the player a hint about a hidden letter in her father's former house. The player discovers that Vanescula has an interest in Safalaan, the Myreque leader of the Sanguinesti region.

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