There are two sawmills currently in Old School RuneScape. One is in the Lumber Yard near Varrock, and the second is in the Woodcutting Guild. This sawmill is closer to a bank than the one in the Lumber Yard, although 75% favour in Hosidius House and level 60 in woodcutting is required in order to enter the Woodcutting Guild.

The sawmill operator can turn four kinds of logs into planks for a fee, and also sells bolts of cloth, three kinds of nails, and saws. Players can have their logs converted to planks by using the sawmill operator's "Buy planks" option. He is able to create planks, oak planks, teak planks, and mahogany planks for the player assuming they have the requisite logs (cannot be noted) and enough coins.


Lumber Yard

An efficient method to make regular or oak planks is obtain a full inventory of logs, turn them into planks, make a small trek north to the Wilderness, fill a looting bag with the planks and obtaining a new inventory to turn into planks, allowing an extra 25 logs per trip.

There is a hot-air balloon slightly south of the sawmill that could be used from Castle Wars, requiring completion of Enlightened Journey and having the Varrock route unlocked. Each trip would require a ring of dueling and a willow log.

For those with 99 Crafting, the hot-air balloon just outside the Crafting Guild can be used to travel to the Lumberyard for one willow log, using the Crafting cape to teleport back to the Crafting Guild for quick and easy banking, without additional teleportation costs.

Lumberyard teleports and rings of dueling could also be used to bank faster and return, although this is somewhat expensive.

Woodcutting Guild

Using the Sawmill in the Woodcutting Guild, the player can make a full load of planks in 20 seconds by using a charged skills necklace and ring of dueling.

Sawmill interface

The interface to convert logs into planks.

Items Sold
Item Cost
Saw 13-65
Bronze nails 2
Iron nails 3
Steel nails 6
Bolt of cloth 650
Item Cost Log needed
Plank 100 each Logs
Oak plank 250 each Oak logs
Teak plank 500 each Teak logs
Mahogany plank 1,500 each Mahogany logs
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