Not to be confused with river troll.

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Sea trolls are trolls encountered during the Swan Song quest. They first ambush the player and the Wise Old Man when first entering the colony. Players may also encounter sea trolls while fishing for monkfish during the quest. After completing the quest, Sea trolls will no longer attack the player while fishing for monkfish.

An army of Sea trolls on Piscatoris are effortlessly annihilated by the player's army of Skeleton Mages.

During the quest My Arm's Big Adventure, if the player has already completed Swan Song, My Arm will claim that Sea trolls are "Not Proper Trolls", which may explain why the Sea Troll Queen looks nothing like a Sea troll.

Despite being trolls, they are not considered trolls for the purpose of a Slayer assignment.


  • Sea trolls give extremely reduced amounts of experience when fought.

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