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A seal of passage is a neckwear slot item that used to be required to talk to or trade with anyone on Lunar Isle, except for 'Birds-Eye' Jack, the banker available after Dream Mentor. The player does not need to have it equipped; having it in their inventory allows the player to talk to the NPCs. It is obtained whilst doing the Lunar Diplomacy quest by talking to Brundt the Chieftain in the longhall in Rellekka. Without it, a player would be kicked off Lunar Isle and sent back to Rellekka whenever they spoke to anyone.

Brundt the Chieftain will replace seals of passage for free if a player loses or destroys it. Brundt will not, however, give players a second one if they already have one in their possession - be it in the bank, on their person, or in their inventory. If a player should ask about obtaining another seal while already having one, he only compliments your expeditions on Lunar Isle, and the conversation ends shortly after.

Because Brundt replaces players' Seals of passage, it is advisable for players who have not completed Lunar Diplomacy to destroy their seal of passage after completing their visit to Lunar Isle. The reason being is that most players forget their previously banked seal, and don't have access to a nearby bank for retrieval. Contrarily, if a player has destroyed their seal, Brundt will happily give them another, as he possesses an infinite amount of them.

Once you have completed the Fremennik Elite Diaries, you no longer need a Seal of Passage to get in Lunar Isle.


  • At 4.5kg, it is the heaviest item that can be worn in the neckwear slot.

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