A seedling is a tree seed that has been planted in a filled plant pot. To plant the seed, use the seed on the plant pot while a gardening trowel is in your inventory.

Seedlings grow into saplings approximately 5 minutes after being watered with a watering can. After watering there will be a "(w)" at the end of the plant pot name indicating it has been watered.

Planting a seed in a plant pot requires the appropriate Farming level required to plant the sapling in the relevant tree patch, although temporary skill boosts like a Garden pie do work.

Seedlings may be deposited into a bank and grow into saplings while stored. If unable to find a seedling that you have deposited, check Tab 1. Saplings revert to the top tab if that type of sapling isn't already present elsewhere in the bank, and stack in the bank although not in inventory.

Seedlings may refer to any of the following:

Wood trees

Fruit trees


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