Serum 208 detail

Serum 208 is a permanent cure for the afflicted villagers of Mort'ton. It is used during the Shades of Mort'ton quest to turn Afflicted NPCs back into normal characters so the player can interact with them. It is made by using Serum 207 on the sacred flame at the rebuilt temple.

It is suggested it be used on Razmire Keelgan so he will always be coherent for the player and open his general and builder's stores. When used on an afflicted villager, they will turn into Mort'ton locals and reward the player with items like Olive oil, Tarromin, and Coins.

Although it is a "permanent" cure, the villagers will always return to their afflicted state, except for Razmire and Ulsquire Shauncy when talked to. Therefore, there is no way to permanently "clean up" Mort'ton.

Cure rewards

Curing the affliction of one of the Mort'ton villagers will cause them to give you one of the following items:

Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Coins 25 Coins 30–37 Common Not sold
Swamp paste Swamp paste 15–27 Common 1,140–2,052
Limestone brick Limestone brick 1–5 Common 246–1,230
Grimy tarromin Grimy tarromin 2–5 Common 306–765
Olive oil(1) Olive oil(1) 2–5 Common 54–135
Olive oil(2) Olive oil(2) 3–4 Common 72–96
Olive oil(3) Olive oil(3) 2–3 Uncommon 80–120
Olive oil(4) Olive oil(4) 1–3 Uncommon 17–51
Logs Logs 2–4 Common 42–84
Oak logs Oak logs 1–5 Uncommon 33–165
Willow logs Willow logs 1–4 Uncommon 22–88
Maple logs Maple logs 1 Rare 8
Bronze key crimson Bronze key crimson 1 Uncommon Not sold
Bronze key red Bronze key red 1 Rare Not sold
Bronze key brown Bronze key brown 1 Rare Not sold

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