A Servant is an NPC that players can hire for various services in their player-owned house. There are five different servants each having a higher Construction level requirement and offering better services than the last.

To hire a servant, players must have at least two bedrooms with beds. There are five different servants, all of who offer services to players for a small fee. If you already have a servant, you will need to fire him or her in order to hire a new servant. They can be found in the building of the very north-east of Ardougne.
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Servant Cost Level Food Provided Services Items
Rick 500 20 Shrimps Bank 6
Maid 1,000 25 Stew Bank 10
Cook 3,000 30 Pineapple pizza Bank, Sawmill 16
Butler 5,000 40 Chocolate cake Bank, Sawmill 20
Demon butler 10,000 50 Curry Bank, Sawmill 26


All servants are able to greet guests entering a players' home, but some will have different abilities, such as taking items to and from the bank or sawmill. The higher level servant you have, the faster his service is. After using a servant's services seven times, you will need to pay him or her again.

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