Shade Catacombs location
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Mort Myre Swamp
Mage Training Arena Shade Catacombs Meiyerditch

The Shade Catacombs are found under Mort'ton as part of the Shades of Mort'ton minigame and is a complex labyrinth. The entrance is directly north of the general store and west of the temple, marked as a brown area on the map. To access it you need to have completed Shades of Mort'ton and have a bronze shade key or better.

To get a bronze shade key, you must kill a Loar Shade in Mort'ton, sanctify some olive oil at the repaired temple to make sacred oil, then use the sacred oil on any log, making a pyre log. Use the pyre log on one of the four pyre slabs in one of the seven shade burning areas of Mort'ton, identified by grey diamonds on the minimap. Then use the loar remains on the pyre logs, then use a tinderbox on the pyre logs. You may need to burn more than one, sometimes burning a shade produced coins on the reward pillar instead of a key.

Inside the shade catacombs are various shades and chests which may contain fine cloth needed to make splitbark equipment as well as the amulet of the damned.



When you burn a shade up, you will receive some keys instead of coins. However, there are 5 different types of keys, used to open a single chest in the many treasure rooms inside. Upon using the correct key on the correct chest, it will disappear, and you will receive a random reward from the chest.

If used on a door, the door will unlock. The key will not be lost.

Red Brown Crimson Black Purple
Bronze Bronze key red Bronze key brown Bronze key crimson Bronze key black Bronze key purple
Steel Steel key red Steel key brown Steel key crimson Steel key black Steel key purple
Black Black key red Black key brown Black key crimson Black key black Black key purple
Silver Silver key red Silver key brown Silver key crimson Silver key black Silver key purple

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