Shade robes equipped.png

Shade robes are a set of robes sometimes dropped by shades, consisting of a robe Shade robe top and robe bottom.

They are identical in appearance to the priest gown but offer a slightly higher Prayer bonus, however, this is lower than the bonus offered by monk's robes. They can be stored in the fancy dress box of a player-owned house. As the shades have been moved to the Stronghold of Security since their removal as a random event, players may consider this a reward from the Stronghold (similar to the skull sceptre).


  • Despite how these robes appear on shades, they are completely opaque when worn by players and are not translucent like ghostly robes.
  • A complete set of shade robes used to be quite difficult to obtain, as the shade random event would only rarely occur when a player buried bones, and the robe pieces were not a guaranteed drop.
  • Druid robes and shade's robes have identical examination texts for the top of the set and similar examination texts for the bottom of the set.

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