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Shadows are monsters which play a major role in the Mourning's Ends Part II quest, found within the Temple of Light. They have few Hitpoints and low Defence, however use accurate Melee attacks which can hit up to 13; having high Defence or activating the Protect from Melee prayer is HIGHLY recommended.

They seem to act as some kind of guard for the Temple of Light.


In order to survive in the temple, it is recommended to bring plenty of Prayer potions and keep Protect from Melee on at all times, as they can hit very often. Players with a high Defence level may opt to use armour such as melee Barrows armour. If tanking, monkfish or higher is recommended as food.

They can be irritating for players who are trying to put a gem or mirror into a pillar; as such running behind the pillar so they cannot attack the player is recommended as they respawn fast when slain. However, if the player is already in the mirror rotation menu before a shadow targets a player, it will not be able to attack, meaning that the rotation menu can be used to the player's advantage.