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#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
{{Infobox spell
|image = [[File:Shadow Barrage icon.png]]
|name = Shadow Barrage
|level = {{Skill clickpic|Magic}} 88
|type = Combat
|cost = {{RuneReq|Air=4|Soul=3|Blood=2|Death=4}}
|spellbook = Ancient
|exp = 49+
|element = Shadow
|damage = 28
|anim = Shadow Barrage.gif
|animresize = 200px
'''Shadow Barrage''' requires a [[Magic]] level of 88 and can do a maximum of 28 damage per hit. It can lower a target's [[Attack]] level by 15%.
When used against the [[Abyssal Sire]], Shadow Barrage will always disorient it for the first phase of the fight.
As with all [[Ancient Magicks]], [[Desert Treasure]] is required to cast this spell. This spell's effect '''does not''' stack to lower the target's Attack level to zero.
''Remember, you cannot use [[Lunar spells]], [[Standard spells]], or [[Arceuus spells]] if you are using [[Ancient Magicks]].''
{{Spell cost table
|Rune1 = death
|Rune1num = 4
|Rune2 = blood
|Rune2num = 2
|Rune3 = air
|Rune3num = 4
|Rune4 = soul
|Rune4num = 3
*Shadow Barrage is the second most expensive [[combat spell]] in game, just behind [[Blood Barrage]].

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