Shayzien supply set (2) detail

Shayzien supply set (2) is a Shayzien supply crate which contains a Shayzien supply helm (2), Shayzien supply platebody (2), Shayzien supply greaves (2), Shayzien supply gloves (2), and Shayzien supply boots (2). Shayzien supply crates used to pack the armour within can be found in the drawers inside the house of the armourer.

It is given to the armourer (tier 2) for favour towards the Lovakengj House. When delivered, the full set gives 675 Mining experience (692 if wearing the full Prospector kit), 1,500 Smithing experience and 3% favour.

To create the full set for the Supply crate you will need 63 Smithing, 11 lovakite bars, and 40% favour with the Lovakengj House:

  • 55 Smithing for the Supply gloves (2)
  • 57 Smithing for the Supply boots (2)
  • 59 Smithing for the Supply helm (2)
  • 61 Smithing for the Supply greaves (2)
  • 63 Smithing for the Supply platebody (2)

The supply set (2) is the minimum requirement for an elite treasure trail. In order to complete Sherlock's task, you must pack the set and then turn it in; the task will not be complete if players turn in the individual items.

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