Shield slot

The shield slot

There are several types of shields in RuneScape, including other items that can be worn in the shield position, but the most common are the metal square and kite.

Shields can be made with the Smithing skill and some can be purchased or sold to the shield shop identified with a shield File:Shield map icon.png icon on the map.

Square shield

Square shields are actually rectangular in shape, and may be smithed in all metals and also found in black. It is weaker in all areas than the kite shield, but has lower magic penalties. The smithing level required is 8 above the base level for any metal, and the highest shield available in free-to-play region stores is the mithril square shield.

The Anti-dragon shield also has the same shape as a "square" and is an excellent shield for the pure mage, since it has no penalty to magic attack and a small amount of magic defence, otherwise comparable to an iron square shield.


Kiteshields are better in all areas than the square shield, other than the magic penalty. Getting hold of a good kite shield in free-to-play requires a high smithing level, or trading with other players who are either members or accomplished smiths of high level. The smithing level required is 12 above the base level for any metal, and at 62 for a mithril kiteshield, the gap between levels is already becoming large.

Shield Trim

There once was a time when the brown trim on the shields was red.

Other shields

Comparison table

Shield Def. level Smith level Attack Defence Notes
Wooden shield1 45314A gift from Tutorial Island, also sold at Cassie's in Falador.
Training shield1 45314A decorative kiteshield obtained from the Melee tutor, east of the castle wall in Lumbridge.
Anti-dragon shield1 79828Available from Duke Horacio at Lumbridge castle after starting the Dragon Slayer quest. May be traded.
Elemental shield120 6 Members only, Elemental Workshop I quest required. Excellent against magic, useless for anything else.
Mind shield120 8 Members only, Elemental Workshop II quest required. Excellent against magic, useless for anything else.
Bronze square shield18 -6 -2564 5A common Goblin drop; also sold at Cassie's.
Bronze kiteshield112 -8 -2576 -16Sold at Cassie's in Falador.
Iron square shield123 -6 -2897 8
Iron kiteshield127 -8 -28109 -19
Steel square shield538 -6 -2121311 12
Steel kiteshield542 -8 -2131514 -114
Black square shield10 -6 -2151614 15Dropped by Moss Giant.
Black kiteshield10 -8 -2171918 -119Dropped by Ice giant, available to members in Keldagrim.
Mithril square shield2058 -6 -2171913 14The highest shield available from Cassie's, but often out of stock.
Mithril kiteshield2062 -8 -2182220 -120
Adamant square shield3078 -6 -2242622 24
Adamant kiteshield3082 -8 -2273129 -129
Rune square shield4093 -6 -2384036 38
Rune kiteshield4097 -8 -2444846 -146Most often seen as part of a "full Rune" set made only by the most accomplished smiths.
Granite shield50* -12 -8404238 65* Also requires 50 Strength. Possible drop from Troll generals
Dragon square shield6060* -6 -2505248 50Members only; smithing is used to join the two halves, one a rare monster drop, the other from the Legends guild.
Crystal shield70 -10 -10515453 80Reward choice from Roving Elves quest. Degrades and requires recharge, stats are for full charge (10/10)
Toktz-ket-xil (Obsidian Shield)60 404238 65The TzHaar-Ket will drop it in an uncommon drop or you can buy it for 67,500 Tokkul.
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