Lumbridge General Store stock

The shop stock of a typical store.

A Shop is any establishment which allows the trading of currency for an item or service, or visa versa. Shops typically have a higher stock price than the equivalent item on the Grand Exchange, in addition to a lower buy price when selling an item to a shop. However, due to their fixed prices, shops cannot be susceptible to the market trends of Grand Exchange, thus allowing for cheaper items in some instances.

Types of shops

Name Number Uses (sells what) Members only?
General store icon General store 39 Basic items (tinderboxes, pots, etc.) No
Amulet shop icon Amulet shops 1 Ordinary amulets and holy symbols Yes
Archery shop icon Archery shops 5 Items for the Ranged skill No
Axe shop icon Axe shops 3 No
Candle shop icon Candle Shop 1 Candles Yes
Chainmailicon Chainmail shops 1 Chainmails up to adamant No
Clothes shop icon Clothes shops 7 Clothes (differs from location) No
Cookery shop icon Cooking shops 5 Cooking utensils and ingredients No
Crafting shop icon Crafting shops 5 Crafting tools No
Archery shop icon Crossbow shops 3 Crossbow limbs, stock, and crossbows Yes
Farming shop icon Farming shops 5 Farming tools and items (pots, sacks, etc.) Yes
Fishing shop icon Fishing shops 9 Fishing tools and raw food (nets, harpoons, etc.) No
Food shop icon Food shops 9 Cooking ingredients and food No
Fur trader icon Fur traders 3 Buys and sells fur No
Gem shop icon Gem shops 4 Uncut and cut gems No
Helmet shop icon Helmet shops 2 Medium helmets and full helmets up to adamant No
Herbalist icon Herblore shops 5 Herblore items and basic ingredients Yes
Hunter shop icon Hunter shops 2 Hunter equipment Yes
Jewellery shop icon Jewellery shops 1 Unenchanted jewellery up to diamond No
Kebab shop icon Kebab seller 2 Kebabs No
Mace shop icon Mace shops 1 Maces up to adamant No
Magic shop icon Magic shops 4 Runes up to blood No
Mining shop icon Mining shops 4 Pickaxes up to rune No
Platebody shop icon Platebody shops 3 Platebodies up to adamant No
Platelegs shop icon Platelegs shops 2 Platelegs up to adamant No
Plateskirt shop icon Plateskirt shops 1 Plateskirts up to adamant No
Scimitar shop icon Scimitar shops 3 Scimitars up to dragon (except adamant and rune) No
Shield shop icon Shield shops 1 Kiteshields up to steel, Square shields up to mithril and wooden shields No
Silk trader icon Silk trader 2 Silks No
Silver shop icon Silver shops 2 Silverware (holy symbol, etc.) Yes
Spice shop icon Spice shops 1 Gnome spices Yes
Staff shop icon Staff shops 1 Staves up to elemental staves No
Sword shop icon Sword shops 3 Swords and longswords up to adamant No
Vegetable shop icon Vegetable stores 2 Vegetables (cabbages, potatoes, onions) Yes


  • Many stores' titles are examples of alliteration.

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