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Short green guys (commonly abbreviated to SGG) are drinks that can be made at level 20 Cooking, granting 120 Cooking experience. They heal 5 hitpoints, boost strength by 4 and reduce attack by 3. It is a good cheap way to train without leaving the Gnome Stronghold, since it requires only one type of fruit, has cheap ingredients, and only requires one chopped/sliced item.


Short Green Guy Short green guy.png Vodka.png 1 Vodka, Lime.pngLime.pngLime.png 3 limes 1 sliced lime Lime slices.png, 1 Equa leaf Equa leaves.png


  • This might be a reference to a popular rule in drinking games, the "Little Green Man Rule," where people drinking must remove an invisible green man from their glasses before taking a drink.
  • This may be a pun on gnomes since they are short guys, often dressed in green.