This article is about the trader in Al Kharid. For the merchant in East Ardougne, see Silk merchant.

Silk trader chathead.png

The silk trader can be found north of the Al Kharid palace. He provides a slow but reliable way for newer members to gain some money. If the player is prepared to click through a lengthy dialogue, they can buy some silk for just 3 coins, which may then be sold for a small profit at any general store excluding the general store in Al Kharid. It is also possible to sell it at the Grand Exchange for a bigger profit.

It is possible for players to lower the purchase price of the silk by refusing the original offer by the Silk Trader and instead settling for a price of 2 coins.


  • Silk trader: Do you want to buy any fine silks?
  • Player: How much are they?
    • Silk trader: 3 gp.
    • Player: No. That's too much for me.
      • Silk trader: 2 gp and that's as low as I'll go.
      • Silk trader: I'm not selling it for less. You'll probably go and sell it in Varrock for a profit, anyway.
      • Player: 2gp sounds good.
        • (You buy some silk for 2 gp.)
      • Player: No, really. I don't want it.
        • Silk trader: Okay, but that's the best price you're going to get.
      • Player: Okay, that sounds good.
        • (You buy some silk for 3 gp.)
  • Player: No. Silk doesn't suit me.
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