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Sinclair Mansion is a large mansion that plays a significant role in the Murder Mystery quest. It can be found by a player by going directly north up the path that leads to Rellekka. (The fairy ring code cjr brings you just west of the mansion.) Sinclair Mansion is also north of Camelot. There is an Agility shortcut north of the mansion that brings you to the Fremennik Province (48 Agility required).



There are a total of 17 NPCs. These include:





Though Sinclair Mansion does not have a farming spot, it does have cabbage, grain, and potato respawns. It also has 1 willow tree, non-pickable flowers, and potted plants.

Clue scroll

There is also a clue scroll that says "Speak to the staff at Sinclair Mansion." You need to go there and then speak to the maid, Louisa.

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