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Sir Renitee is an NPC located on the east end of the 1st floor[?] of the White Knights' Castle in Falador. He can sell the player various paintings, maps, to place inside a player-owned house and tell one's heritage to paint as a crest on a steel or rune kiteshield or full helmet.

Quest Hall items

Maps for a house's Quest Hall are purchased from Sir Renitee for 1,000 coins. They require 51 (small map), 101 (medium map), or 151 (large map) quest points. Each map type also has a Construction level requirement before it can be hung in the house; check the Quest Hall page.

Sir Renitee can paint portraits of people that a player has met. These portraits can be hung in the Quest Hall, and each portrait has an associated quest requirement:

Sir Renitee's painting skills extend to landscapes, as well as people. Players who have completed the required adventure sets can spend 2,000 coins to purchase these portraits, and can hang them once you reach level 44 Construction:

At level 65 Construction, players who have completed the required adventure sets can spend 2,000 coins to purchase and hang:

Heraldry for crest

Sir Renitee's most significant function, however, is heraldry.

  • He can tell players their family heritage, which gives them one of the following listed crests
  • He can change a player's crest for a fee of 5,000 coins.
    • For this fee the player may choose their own crest, rather than being assigned one - like the 1st time.
    • Note that some of these crests have associated requirements, as noted below.

Sir Renitee refuses to provide this service to any player whose Construction level (including any boosts) is below 16, the level required for an oak decoration.

In a Player-owned house, players can paint their crest on a steel or rune full helm or kiteshield, using the workshop's pluming stand or shield easel. A banner may also be made with the player's crest, once the character is high enough level to build a Banner easel.

Note that painting your crest on helms or shields turns them into members-only items; banners are always members-only. Once painted, a helmet or shield cannot be repainted nor reversed to its original state. In the event of a PvP death, however, the shields and helmets will revert so the killer is able to retrieve them.

For those who want variety, and have a lot of bank space, buying several sets of rune kites and full helms, along with Falador and House Teleport Tabs, is a fast way to accumulate every set.

Crest Name Requirements Image
Arrav Shield of Arrav Arrav kiteshield.png
Asgarnia None Asgarnia kiteshield.png
Dorgeshuun The Lost Tribe Dorgeshuun kiteshield.png
Dragon Dragon Slayer Heraldic kiteshield (Dragon).png
Fairy Lost City Fairy kiteshield.png
Guthix 70+ Prayer Guthix kiteshield (Heraldic).png
H.A.M. None Ham cult kiteshield.png
Horse Toy horsey in inventory Horse kiteshield.png
Jogre None Jogre kiteshield.png
Kandarin None Kandarin kiteshield.png
Misthalin None Misthalin kiteshield.png
Money Costs 500,000 coins Moneybag kiteshield.png
Saradomin 70+ Prayer Saradomin kiteshield (Heraldic).png
Skull Skulled Skull kiteshield.png
Varrock None Varrock kiteshield.png
Zamorak 70+ Prayer Zamorak kiteshield (Heraldic).png

One of the easy tasks in the Falador Achievement Diary is to find out what your family crest is from him, and one of the hard tasks is to change your family crest to the Saradomin symbol, which requires 70+ Prayer.


  • His name is a pun on the word "serenity".
  • Sir Renitee appears to rock back and forth in his chair.
  • Originally, players were able to retrieve their own painted helmets and kiteshields after dying to another player. This was deemed unfairly advantageous by the developers and promptly corrected.