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Sister Sevi is a member of the Sisterhood located in the town of Slepe. She can be found in the Zamorakian church within Slepe, tending to citizens who have been afflicted by the sleeper plague.


  • Player: Hello!
  • Sister Sevi: Greetings, traveller.
  • Player: What's with the mask?
    • Sister Sevi: These are the masks of the Sisterhood, while symbolic, they also have practical uses.
    • Player: Oh really, what like?[sic]
    • Sister Sevi: Herbs can be stored within the beak, masking the smell of death and preventing us from becoming infected.
    • Player: That sounds handy, can I have one?
    • Sister Sevi: You ask too many questions.
    • Player: Is that a yes?
    • Sister Sevi: It's a no. To wear a mask of the Sisterhood, you need to join the Sisterhood.
    • Player: Sign me up!
    • Sister Sevi: You lack the qualities we're currently looking for, perhaps another time.
  • Player: What's wrong with that old man?
    • Sister Sevi: He's not looking great, is he? We're still trying to figure out what has caused this.
    • Player: Have you any theories?
    • Sister Sevi: Well, there's the strange man being accused out in the center, but personally I think he's innocent.
    • Player: Hmm, so how long has he been out?
    • Sister Sevi: Oh, I can't recall exactly, but at least a few weeks. He has spoken a few times though, in his sleep.
    • Player: What did he say?
    • Sister Sevi: It was nonsense, but I recall the words 'Inyetat' and 'Coshmar', whatever those means[sic].
    • Player: How peculiar.
  • Player: Bye!
    • Sister Sevi: Be safe, traveller.


  • Sister Sevi mentions that the old man muttered the word "coshmar" in his sleep. The word possibly refers to the polish word Koszmar, or the Russian word Koshmar, both of which translate to nightmare, although the Russian one may also mean Wight.

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