Sister Yram chathead

Sister Yram is a member of the Sisterhood located in the town of Slepe. She, and other residents of the town, have gathered at the centre of town for the Painted One.


  • Player: Hello!
  • Sister Yram: Greetings, traveller.
  • Player: What's with the mask?
    • Sister Yram: These are the masks of the Sisterhood, while symbolic, they also have practical uses.
    • Player: Oh really, what like?[sic]
    • Sister Yram: Herbs can be stored within the beak, masking the smell of death and preventing us from becoming infected.
    • Player: That sounds handy, can I have one?
    • Sister Yram: You ask too many questions.
    • Player: Is that a yes?
    • Sister Yram: It's a no. To wear a mask of the Sisterhood, you need to join the Sisterhood.
    • Player: Sign me up!
    • Sister Yram: You lack the qualities we're currently looking for, perhaps another time.
  • Player: Bye!
    • Sister Yram: Be safe, traveller.

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