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{{External|rs|rsc=Sito Foil}}
{{Infobox Item
|image = [[File:Sito foil.png]]
|release = 23 October [[2002]]
|update = Updates galore!
|members = Yes
|destroy = Drop
|high = 3
|store = No
|equipable = No
|stackable = No
|low= 2
|examine = This herb is Sito Foil.
|weight = 0
|tradeable = No
|quest = [[Jungle Potion]]
[[File:Sito foil detail.png|left|170px]]
'''Sito foil''' is a herb that [[Trufitus]] asks you to bring him during the [[Jungle Potion]] quest. They are found by searching the scorched earth near some fires just south of [[Tai Bwo Wannai]] village, and additional sito foils can be picked from the same location after the quest is complete. The only other use for this herb is as payment for the ogre boat ride to [[Feldip Hills]] provided you have saved [[Skrach Uglogwee]] in the [[Recipe for Disaster]] quest.
{{Jungle Potion}}

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