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{{Infobox Monster v1
|name = Skeletal mystic
|image = [[File:Skeletal mystic.png|150px]]
|release = 5 January [[2017]]
|update = Chambers of Xeric
|members = Yes
|combat = ''Varies''
|hitpoints = ''Varies''
|slaylvl = No
|aggressive = No
|poisonous = No
|attack speed = 4
|max hit = ''Varies''
|weakness = Ranged
|always drops = [[golpar seed|Golpar]], [[buchu seed|buchu]], and [[noxifer seed]]s
|examine =Sounds like some kind of hybrid clothing, actually.
|attack style = Magic
|immune = Yes
'''Skeletal mystics''' are [[skeleton]] mages found within the [[Chambers of Xeric]].
They are found in the ritual room of the Chambers. In a solo raid or small groups, players can expect to find three mystics in the room. Skeletal mystics attack with both [[fire spells]] and a damaging variant of [[Vulnerability]]. Although their [[magical]] attacks cannot be fully mitigated, [[Protect from Magic]] is strongly recommended, and attacking the mystic closest to you with [[Ranged]] and dealing with them one by one increase chances of survival.
Upon death, they drop various amounts of [[golpar seed|golpar]], [[buchu seed|buchu]], and [[noxifer seed]]s.
{{DropsLine|Name=Big bones|Quantity=1|Rarity=Always}}
{{DropsLine|Name=Golpar seed|Quantity=8-10|Rarity=Always|gemw=no|Image=Golpar seed 5.png}}
{{DropsLine|Name=Buchu seed|Quantity=8-10|Rarity=Always|gemw=no|Image=Buchu seed 5.png}}
{{DropsLine|Name=Noxifer seed|Quantity=8-10|Rarity=Always|gemw=no|Image=Noxifer seed 5.png}}
{{DropsLine|Name=Long bone|Quantity=1|Rarity=Rare|Raritynotes=<small>(1/400)</small>|gemw=No}}
{{DropsLine|Name=Curved bone|Quantity=1|Rarity=Very rare|Raritynotes=<small>(1/5,000)</small>|gemw=No}}
{{Chambers of Xeric}}

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