This article is about the melee-using skeletons in Tarn's Lair. For the common variant, see Skeleton. However, for the Magic-using skeletons in Tarn's Lair, see Skeleton (mage).

Skeletons are undead monsters that can be found inside Tarn's Lair and right outside it in the Abandoned Mine. These skeletons are unique in appearance and their item drops are unlike their regular counterparts.



Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Bones Bones 1 Always 82


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Agility potion(2) Agility potion(2) 1 Common 288
Antipoison(3) Antipoison(3) 1 Unknown 144
Attack potion(3) Attack potion(3) 1 Common 3

Weapons and armour

Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Bronze kiteshield Bronze kiteshield 1 Unknown 42
Bronze axe Bronze axe 1 Unknown 23
Bronze mace Bronze mace 1 Common 56
Bronze platebody Bronze platebody 1 Unknown 20
Iron mace Iron mace 1 Common 36
Iron med helm Iron med helm 1 Common 32
Steel platelegs Steel platelegs 1 Unknown 377
Steel warhammer Steel warhammer 1 Unknown 145
Mithril scimitar Mithril scimitar 1 Unknown 390
Mithril platelegs Mithril platelegs 1 Unknown 1,306
Iron dart(p) Iron dart(p) 2 Unknown 50
Leather vambraces Leather vambraces 1 Unknown 2
Leather body Leather body 1 Unknown 5
Iron spear Iron spear 1 Unknown 35
Adamant arrow 5 Adamant arrow 2 Unknown 116
Black longsword Black longsword 1 Unknown 383
Iron bolts 5 Iron bolts 7 Unknown 189
Steel longsword Steel longsword 1 Unknown 97
Mithril arrow 5 Mithril arrow 7 Unknown 133
Adamant kiteshield Adamant kiteshield 1 Rare 2,984


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Coins 5 Coins 1–12 Common Not sold
Air rune Air rune 9 Common 45
Gold ore Gold ore 1 Common 212
Arrow shaft 5 Arrow shaft 12 Common 12
Silver bar Silver bar 2 Uncommon 222
Law rune Law rune 1 Unknown 184
Amulet mould Amulet mould 1 Unknown 99
Yew longbow (u) Yew longbow (u) 1 Unknown 338
Games necklace Games necklace (2) 1 Unknown Not sold
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