Skippy chathead.png

Skippy is a man found behind Hetty's house in Rimmington. He appears to be drunk and the player must make him sober to find out what happened to him. He wanders along the coast throwing bottles at the sea and yells threats to seemingly no one, although after becoming sober he explains that he was attacked by mogres that dwell in the sea.

To sober Skippy up, a bucket of water must be used on him. Once this is done, he will say he wants some nettle tea. To make this, use some nettles with a bowl of water, then heat it on a range. Give it to him and he will then say he needs a hangover cure (made by mixing chocolate dust with a bucket of milk to get chocolatey milk, then mixing it with snape grass). Once this has been done, he will tell the player about the mogres that attacked him, and the player will learn how to slay mogres (level 32 Slayer required).

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