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The Slagilith is encountered during the One Small Favour quest in the Goblin Cave, when the player uses the animate rock scroll intended to free Petra Fiyed from the rock face, but accidentally animates some rocks nearby. It hits somewhat hard, and has very high defence, but it does not hit very often.

Protect from Melee is recommended as it can hit up to 13 damage, although it is very inaccurate. Like earth elementals, pickaxes work well against it. High-level players should have no problem dispatching this monster, assuming they bring a good weapon and armour. It drops adamantite ore, an uncut diamond, and an uncut ruby when defeated, whose total value is 4,926.

Slagilith cannot be fought again once it has been defeated once during One Small Favour, so this monster cannot be used to repeatedly obtain its drops which sell for a good amount of money when combined. It can be fought in the Nightmare Zone after the quest is complete, however, it will drop nothing.


  • The word Slagilith was censored in chat, because "slag" is a derogatory term for a woman who sleeps around.