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This article is about the Slayer skill. For information on training Slayer, see Slayer training.


Slayer is a skill that allows players to kill monsters that may otherwise be immune to damage. Players must visit a Slayer master, who will assign them a task to kill certain monsters based on the player's Combat level. Slayer experience is roughly equal to a slain monster's Hitpoints, and is awarded each time the player kills an assigned monster.

Many players primarily train Combat by completing Slayer tasks, as Combat experience is still given as normal while fighting Slayer monsters. Slayer is a very profitable skill to train, as high levelled slayer monsters such as slayer bosses have a multitude of both rare and valuable drops.

As of 12 December 2013, players can earn Slayer points by completing assigned tasks.

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Slayer level-up music (link)
The first music that can be played when levelled up.
Listen to audio.
Slayer level-up music (link)
The second music that can be played when levelled up.


To receive a Slayer task, players must visit one of seven Slayer masters throughout RuneScape. All but two Slayer masters have a Combat level requirement, and the final Slayer master also has a Slayer level requirement. The tasks assigned are generally appropriate for the Combat level of the player, assuming he or she uses the highest level master available. Players may be assigned normal monsters to kill, or they may be assigned monsters that require the use of Slayer-specific items to deal damage or Slayer-specific armour to prevent stat reduction.

The Slayer equipment necessary to kill slayer monsters can be purchased from any slayer master. When you get your task, you can ask the master for advice on killing the assigned monsters, and they will tell you if special equipment is required. If no special equipment is necessary, they will give you other tips or advice such as if the monster is weak to poison or Magic.

One of the things the masters sell is an enchanted gem. Once you start training (this involves some begging from your chosen master), you get one for free. Afterwards, you can buy them for 1 coin each. These allow you to contact your Slayer master, ask for tips, ask who the monster is and where it is located, and most importantly, see how many monsters you still have to kill before completing the task. The gems cannot be used to get a new assignment; for that, you must see a master in person. An alternative to the gem is a Combat bracelet, which will update the player every 10 kills while worn.

Players who have unlocked the Lunar Spells can also use the NPC Contact spell in order to receive a new assignment from a Slayer master of their choosing. The Slayer gems automatically put you through to the Slayer master who will be best for training you; this may not be the one who gave you the assignment. It is advised to use the master the Slayer gems contact you to.

Players may also partner up with another player to receive the same slayer task by right-clicking an enchanted gem, slayer ring, or slayer helmet and selecting the "Partner" option. Players will only be given a slayer assignment that they have unlocked, have the slayer and combat level to complete and do not have blocked. If one partner meets these criteria and the other doesn't, only the one who meets them will receive the slayer task. Players can dismiss their partner by using the above items to do so.

The masters vary in the level of difficulty of their assignments; several of them require certain combat levels before you may get assignments from them. If you go to a Slayer master that is too hard for you, Turael in Burthorpe may consider giving you an easier assignment if the task is something that he doesn't normally assign. For example, if Duradel assigns you Desert lizards, then Turael cannot change your task, as he too assigns desert lizards. All slayer masters can assign the same monsters as the masters below them; however, as their difficulty increases, there is a substantially higher chance of getting a more difficult monster. The masters are shown on the map with a yellow skull Slayer Master icon.png icon.

Note: Skipping assignments through Turael is not a recommended choice, as it's better to gain Slayer points from doing tasks in a row and spending it on blocking or skipping your current task without breaking your task streak, as Slayer points also allow you to buy useful items and perks.

Slayer masters

A handful of Slayer masters dot the map; each master gives assignments oriented towards a general range of Combat levels.


The location of Turael.

Southeast Burthorpe - Games necklace teleport or Hot-air balloon

Requires: None

Turael's assignments are simple, small, and easy to find. These assignments are excellent for the slayer with a low combat level, but his assignments yield such low experience that most players find him unsatisfactory. However, Turael is willing to replace an assignment given by another Slayer master with an easier one, if the task to be replaced wouldn't normally be given by him (for example, he will replace a player's Black demon task but not a Crawling Hand task). This ability results in more players using his services than normally would.


The location of Krystilia.

Edgeville - Amulet of glory teleport

Requires: None

Krystilia's assignments are monsters found within the Wilderness. Only monsters slain within the Wilderness count towards her tasks. She will assign players any task on her list without regard to the player's Combat level. Monsters killed during her tasks have the ability to drop slayer enchantments and tier 1 mysterious emblems to compensate for this.

Assignments from her have a separate task completion counter to standard assignments, so players will have to complete five of her slayer assignments to begin earning slayer reward points.


The location of Mazchna.

Northeast Canifis on the bridge - Ectophial, Fairy ring CKS or Kharyll Teleport (can be via house)
Requires: Combat level 20, Priest in Peril

Mazchna gives fairly easy assignments too, but sometimes he may give a very small amount of more difficult monsters. Mazchna also has the habit of giving assignments which can be completed very close to him, making it convenient to get new assignments once completed.


Vannaka the Slayer Master

The location of Vannaka.

Edgeville Dungeon, east of the Wilderness gate - Padewwa Teleport or Amulet of glory

Requires: Combat level 40

Vannaka is one of the most popular Slayer masters. His assignments are usually suitable for slayers with medium and even high combat skills. He can also be found on Tutorial Island, where he is the Melee and Ranged combat teacher.


The location of Chaeldar.

Zanaris Fairy Queen's court - Fairy Ring hub
Requires: Combat level 70 and Lost City

Chaeldar will only give assignments to players over a combat level of 70. She gives out the third toughest Slayer assignments. It is recommended that a player over a combat level of 70 should use Chaeldar as their Slayer master.

She is infamous for sometimes handing out dangerous tasks, such as bronze dragons.


The location of Nieve.

Nieve, the 2nd strongest Slayer master.
Tree Gnome Stronghold, near the magic trees and the southern bank.

Requires: Combat level 85

Nieve is the second most difficult slayer master. Her assignments are the same as Duradel's, except she doesn't assign waterfiends, but turoths instead (along with the number of monsters assigned per task).

If players have completed Monkey Madness II, she is replaced by her little cousin, Steve.


The location of Duradel.

Shilo Village, top floor of the Fishing store - Fairy ring CKR, Gnome glider, Karamja gloves 3 or the Shilo Village cart system

Requires: Combat level 100 and Slayer level 50

Duradel is the most difficult Slayer master. His assignments are generally high-levelled monsters, both in combat and slayer levels. He also assigns waterfiends.

Slayer equipment

Main article: Slayer equipment
Slayer equipment
Item Buy Sell
Enchanted gem 1 Can't sell
Mirror shield 5000 3000
Leaf-bladed spear 21,000 Can't sell
Broad arrows 60 Can't sell
Bag of salt 10
Rock hammer 500
Facemask 200
Earmuffs 200 120
Nose peg 200 120
Slayer's staff 21,000
Spiny helmet 650
Fishing explosive 60
Ice cooler 1
Slayer gloves 200 Can't sell
Unlit bug lantern 130 78
Insulated boots 200 120
Fungicide spray 300
Fungicide 10
Witchwood icon 900
Slayer bell 150

Slayer monsters

Slayer-exclusive monsters

Main article: Slayer monsters

Some monsters can only be killed once players have reached a certain level in Slayer. Not all of them require special equipment.

Different Slayer Monsters:
Slayer Level Monster Name Combat Level(s) Superior Variant Slayer XP Slayer Equipment Notable Drops Location
5 Crawling Hand 8/12 Yes 16/19 None Various Canifis gloves Canifis Slayer Tower
7 Cave bug 6 No 5 None Various Herblore drops Lumbridge Swamp Caves
10 Cave crawler 23 Yes 22 None Bronze boots Fremennik Slayer Dungeon
15 Banshee 23 Yes 22 Earmuffs Black/red Mystic gloves, various herbs, noted pure essence Canifis Slayer Tower
17 Cave slime 23 No 25 None Iron boots Lumbridge Swamp Caves
20 Rockslug 29 Yes 27 Bag of salt White/gold Mystic gloves Fremennik Slayer Dungeon and Lumbridge Swamp Caves
22 Desert Lizards 12/24/42 No 15/25/40 Ice cooler White/gold Mystic gloves South of the Uzer and east across the river from Pollnivneach
25 Cockatrice 37 Yes 37 Mirror shield White/gold Mystic boots Fremennik Slayer Dungeon
30 Pyrefiend 43 Yes 45 None Steel boots Fremennik Slayer Dungeon
32 Mogre 60 No 48 Fishing Explosive Mudskipper flippers/hat Mudskipper Point
33 Harpie bug swarm 46 No 25 Bug lantern Steel boots Northern most beach of Karamja
35 Wall beast 49 No 105 Spiny helmet White/gold Mystic hat Lumbridge Swamp Caves
37 Killerwatt 55 No 51 Insulated boots Fire battlestaffs (value of 9500 gp) Killerwatt plane
39 Molanisk 51 No 52 Slayer bell Mole claws Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon
40 Basilisk 61 Yes 75 Mirror shield White/gold Mystic hat Fremennik Slayer Dungeon
40 Terror dog 100/101 No 85/89 None Granite helmet Tarn's Lair
42 Fever spider 49 No 40 Slayer gloves Kwuarm herbs Braindeath Island, in the basement of the Pirates' Brewery
45 Infernal mage 68 Yes 60 None Black/red Mystic boots and hats Canifis Slayer Tower
47 Brine rat 70 No 50 None Brine sabre Brine Rat Cavern
50 Bloodveld 76 Yes 120 None Black boots Canifis Slayer Tower
52 Jelly 78 Yes 75 None Rune full helm Fremennik Slayer Dungeon
55 Turoth 83/85/87/89 No 76/77/79/81 Leaf-bladed spear/Broad arrows/Slayer staff/Leaf-bladed sword/Leaf-bladed battleaxe White/gold Mystic robe bottom, Leaf-bladed sword Fremennik Slayer Dungeon
57 Mutated zygomite 74/86 No 65/75 Fungicide spray - Zanaris
58 Cave horror 80 Yes 55 Witchwood icon Black mask Mos Le'Harmless Caves
60 Aberrant spectre 96 Yes 90 Nosepeg Black/red Mystic robe bottom Canifis Slayer Tower
63 Spiritual ranger 122/118/115/127 No 106 None - God Wars Dungeon
65 Dust devil 93 Yes 105 Facemask Dragon chainbody (very rare) Smoke Dungeon west of Pollnivneach
66 Fossil Island Wyverns 139/147/152 No 205 Elemental shield, Mind shield, Dragonfire shield, or Ancient wyvern shield Granite longsword, Granite boots, Wyvern visage Wyvern Cave
68 Spiritual warrior 125/115/134/123 No 98-134 None -

God Wars Dungeon

70 Kurask 106 Yes 97 Leaf-bladed spear/Broad arrows/Slayer staff/Leaf-bladed sword/Leaf-bladed battleaxe White/gold Mystic robe top, Leaf-bladed sword, Leaf-bladed battleaxe Fremennik Slayer Dungeon
72 Skeletal Wyvern 140 No 210 Elemental shield or Dragonfire shield Granite platelegs, Dragon platelegs, Dragon plateskirt, Draconic Visage (very rare) Asgarnian Ice Caves
75 Gargoyle 111 Yes 105 Rock hammer Black/red Mystic robe top, Adamant boots, Granite maul Canifis Slayer Tower
77 Brutal black dragon 318 No 315/346.5 None Draconic Visage Catacombs of Kourend
80 Nechryael 115 Yes 105 None Rune boots Canifis Slayer Tower
82 Ancient wyvern 227 No 300/315 Elemental shield or Dragonfire shield Granite boots, Granite longsword, Wyvern visage Wyvern Cave
83 Spiritual mage 120/121/123 No 85/75/106/86 None Dragon boots God Wars Dungeon
85 Abyssal demon 124 Yes 150 None Abyssal whip, Abyssal dagger (very rare) Canifis Slayer Tower
87 Cave kraken 127 No 125 None Trident of the seas, Kraken tentacle (very rare) Kraken Cove
87 Kraken boss 291 No 255 None Trident of the seas (full), Kraken tentacle Kraken Cove
90 Dark beast 180 Yes 220 None Dark bow

Mourner Tunnels

91 Cerberus 318 No 690 None Primordial crystal, Eternal crystal, Pegasian crystal, Smouldering stone Cerberus's Lair
93 Smoke devil 160 Yes 185 Face mask Occult necklace, Dragon chainbody

Smoke Devil Dungeon

93 Thermonuclear smoke devil 301 No 240 Face mask Occult necklace, Dragon chainbody, Smoke battlestaff

Smoke Devil Dungeon

Where to slay monsters

Monster Slayer level Location Essential item(s) Slayer master(s)
Aberrant spectres 60 Stronghold Slayer Cave, Slayer Tower Nose peg/Slayer helm (must-have) Salve amulet (optional, gives +20% Attack and Strength vs. the undead, but does not stack with Slayer helm) 3, 4, 5, 6
Abyssal demons 85 Slayer Tower, Catacombs of Kourend, Abyssal Area Good gear and weapon. Rune armour and a Dragon scimitar or Abyssal whip 5, 6
Ankous 1 4th level of Stronghold of Security, Catacombs of Kourend Salve amulet is helpful, but not required. 3, 5
Banshees 15 Slayer Tower Earmuffs/Slayer helmet, Salve amulet 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Basilisks 40 Fremennik Slayer Dungeon Mirror shield 3, 4, 5
Bats 1 Keep Le Faye, Silvarea, Morytania None 1, 2
Bears 1 Near Ardougne mines, low-to-mid-level Wilderness (watch for PK'ers) None 1, 2
Birds 1 Lumbridge or Falador chicken coops, Undead farm None 1
Black demons 1 Taverley Dungeon, Edgeville Dungeon, Brimhaven Dungeon, Chasm of Fire, Catacombs of Kourend Good gear and/or Protect from Melee with a Dwarf multicannon and several prayer potions, Darklight, Holy water 4, 5, 6
Black dragons 1 Taverley Dungeon, Lava Maze, Evil Chicken's Lair, Catacombs of Kourend (Brutal Black Dragons) Anti-dragon shield, Dragonfire shield or Antifire potion and a good Stab (Abyssal whip or Dragon scimitar works too!) or Ranged weapon 5, 6
Bloodvelds 50 Stronghold Slayer Cave, Slayer Tower Dragonhide armour and a decent weapon 3, 4, 5, 6
Blue dragons 1 Taverley Dungeon, Ogre Enclave, Heroes' Guild Anti-dragon shield, Dragonfire shield or Antifire potion and a good Stab (Abyssal whip or Dragon scimitar works too) or Ranged weapon 4, 5
Brine rats 47 Brine Rat Cavern None 3, 4
Bronze dragons 1 Brimhaven Dungeon, Catacombs of Kourend Anti-dragon shield, Dragonfire shield or Antifire potion and a good Stab (Abyssal whip or Dragon scimitar works too!), or Fire Bolt or better 4
Catablepon 1 3rd level of Stronghold of Security None 2
Cave bugs 7 Lumbridge Swamp Caves, Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon None 1
Cave krakens 87 Kraken Cove Magic weapon preferred, as Ranged hits are heavily reduced. Melee weapons cannot be used as they surface above water. 5, 6
Cave crawlers 10 Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, Lumbridge Swamp Caves, Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon Antipoison, Slash attacks or Bone weapons 2, 4
Cave horrors 58 Mos Le'Harmless Caves Witchwood icon, Light source 3, 4, 5, 6
Cave slimes 17 Lumbridge Swamp Caves, Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon Antipoison 1, 2, 3
Cockatrices 25 Fremennik Slayer Dungeon Mirror shield 2, 3
Cows 1 Crafting Guild, Lumbridge, Falador or Undead farms None 1
Crawling Hands 5 Slayer Tower Salve amulet (optional) 1, 2, 4
Crocodiles 1 Near Elid, southern shore of Kharidian Desert None 3
Cyclopes 1 2nd floor of Warriors' Guild, Ardougne Zoo None 2
Dagannoths 1 Lighthouse, Waterbirth Island Cannon (optional to drastically speed up kills) 4, 5
Dark beasts 90 Temple of Light dungeon, Catacombs of Kourend Good armour and weapon 6
Desert Lizards 22 Kharidian Desert Ice cooler 1, 2, 3, 4
Dogs 1 Ardougne, McGrubor's Wood, Black Arm Gang hideout in Brimhaven, Brimhaven Dungeon None 1, 2
Dust devils 65 Smoke Dungeon, Catacombs of Kourend Face mask or Slayer helmet 3, 4, 5, 6
Dwarfs 1 Ice Mountain, Mining Guild, Keldagrim, Dwarven Mine, beneath White Wolf Mountain (the underground path unlocked after doing Fishing Contest), south of Yanille None 1
Earth warriors 1 Edgeville Dungeon None 3, 4
Elves 1 Lletya, Elf Camp None 4, 5
Fever spiders 42 Braindeath Island (brewery basement) Slayer gloves 4
Fire giants 1 Stronghold Slayer Cave, Brimhaven Dungeon, Deep Wilderness Dungeon, Smoke Dungeon, Waterfall Dungeon None 3, 4, 5, 6
Flesh Crawlers 1 2nd level of Stronghold of Security None 2
Gargoyles 75 Slayer Tower Rock hammer 4, 5, 6
Ghosts 1 Varrock Sewers, Draynor Manor, Melzar's Maze, 4th level of Stronghold of Security, Taverley Dungeon, West Ardougne (graveyard), Scorpius Shrine, Lair of Tarn Razorlor, Death altar, Haunted Mine, Forgotten Cemetery Salve amulet 1, 2
Ghouls 1 West of Canifis None 2, 3
Goblins 1 Goblin Village, Port Sarim, around the Digsite, 1st level of Stronghold of Security, Underground Pass, Goblin Cave, Coal Trucks, inside holes in Myreque Hideout in Mort Myre, the cave near Observatory, Coal Trucks, east of Gunnarsgrunn None 1
Goraks 1 Fairy ring code DIR None 6
Greater demons 1 Chasm of Fire, Entrana Dungeon, Brimhaven Dungeon, Ogre Enclave, Demonic Ruins, center Lava Maze Dungeon None 4,5
Green dragons 1 North of Goblin Village in level 13 Wilderness, between the Ruins and Graveyard of Shadows in level 24 Wilderness, west of the Bone Yard, between the Lava Maze and Hobgoblin Mine Anti-dragon shield, Dragonfire shield or Antifire potion and a good Stab (Abyssal whip or Dragon scimitar works too!) or Ranged weapon 3
Harpie Bug Swarms 33 East of Jogre Dungeon in Karamja Bug lantern 3, 4
Hellhounds 1 Stronghold Slayer Cave, Taverley Dungeon, east of the Deserted Keep, Witchaven Shrine Dungeon None 3, 4, 5, 6
Hill Giants 1 Edgeville Dungeon, Gnome Stronghold, north of the Observatory, Taverley Dungeon, Gnome Maze, northeast of Chaos Temple in Wilderness, Lava Maze, Deep Wilderness Dungeon None 2, 3
Hobgoblins 1 Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, Crandor, Hobgoblin Peninsula near Crafting Guild, Edgeville Dungeon, near Karamja Hunter area, north of Outpost, north of Rellekka, Tree Gnome Village dungeon, Waterbirth Island, Hobgoblin Mine, Witchaven Dungeon None 2, 3
Icefiends 1 Ice Mountain None 1
Ice giants 1 Asgarnian Ice Caves, Frozen Waste Plateau, White Wolf Mountain None 3
Ice warriors 1 White Wolf Mountain, Frozen Waste Plateau, Asgarnian Ice Caves None 2, 3
Infernal Mages 45 Slayer tower Ranged armour 2, 3, 4
Iron dragons 1 Brimhaven Dungeon, Catacombs of Kourend Anti-dragon shield, Dragonfire shield or Antifire potion and a good Stab (Abyssal whip or Dragon scimitar works too!), or Fire Bolt or better 4, 5, 6
Jellies 52 Fremennik Slayer Dungeon Magic-resistant armour 3, 4, 6
Jungle horrors 1 Mos Le'Harmless None 3, 4, 6
Kalphites 1 Kalphite Lair, Kalphite Cave Keris dagger, Antipoison, Rope 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Killerwatts 37 Killerwatt plane Insulated boots, non-metallic armour 3
Kurasks 70 Fremennik Slayer Dungeon Leaf-bladed sword, Leaf-bladed battleaxe, Leaf-bladed spear, Magic Dart, Broad arrows, or Broad bolts 4, 5, 6
Lesser demons 1 Wizards' Tower, Crandor and Karamja Dungeon, Melzar's Maze, Chasm of Fire, near Demonic Ruins, Lava Maze, Catacombs of Kourend None 3, 4
Mithril dragons 1 Ancient Cavern Anti-dragon shield, Dragonfire shield or Antifire potion, Barrows equipment and a good Stab (Abyssal whip or Dragon scimitar works too!) 6
Minotaurs 1 1st level of Stronghold of Security None 1
Mogres 32 Mudskipper Point Fishing explosives 2, 3
Molanisks 39 Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon Slayer bell 3, 4
Monkeys 1 Ape Atoll, Karamja, Mos Le'Harmless, Ardougne Zoo None 1
Moss giants 1 Brimhaven Dungeon, Crandor Isle, west of Fishing Guild, Moss Giant Island, Wilderness, Varrock Sewers, Pirates' Cove, Glarial's Tomb None 3
Nechryaels 80 Slayer Tower None 5, 6
Ogres 1 Gu'Tanoth, west of Yanille, south of Castle Wars, south of Gu'Tanoth, Toban's Island, Chaos Druid Tower dungeon, Clock Tower basement, Witchaven dungeon, Underground Pass, Combat Training Camp via completing Biohazard None 3
Otherworldly beings 1 Zanaris None 3
Pyrefiends 30 Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, Smoke Dungeon Magic-resistant armour 2, 3, 4
Rats 1 Varrock Sewers, Lumbridge Swamp None N/A
Red dragons 1 Brimhaven Dungeon Anti-dragon shield, Dragonfire shield or Antifire potion and a good Stab (Abyssal whip or Dragon scimitar works too!) or Ranged weapon N/A
Rockslugs 20 Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, Lumbridge Swamp Caves, Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon Bag of salt 2,3,4
Scabarites 1 The dungeon under Sophanem, the dungeon east of the Agility pyramid via doing Contact! Keris, Slash 5,6
Scorpions 1 Al-Kharid Mine, Dwarven Mines, Ardougne Zoo Scorpion Pit, 3rd level of Stronghold of Security, Varrock Sewers, Wilderness, above Karamja Volcano None 1
Sea snakes 1 Miscellania & Etceteria Dungeon Antipoison 3
Shades 1 Mort'ton, Shade Catacombs, Temple Trekking Salve amulet, Gadderhammer or Ranged 3
Shadow warriors 1 Legends' Guild basement None 3, 4
Skeletal Wyverns 72 Asgarnian Ice Dungeon Elemental shield, Mind shield, or Dragonfire shield and Crush 4, 5, 6
Spiritual mage 83 God Wars Dungeon None 4, 5, 6
Spiritual ranger 63 God Wars Dungeon None 4, 5, 6
Spiritual warrior 67 God Wars Dungeon None 4, 5, 6
Skeletons 1 Wizards' Tower, Edgeville Dungeon, Draynor Sewers, Karamja Volcano, Ogre Enclave, Southern Wilderness Mine, 4th level of Stronghold of Security, Taverley Dungeon, Temple of Ikov, Varrock Sewers, Waterfall Dungeon, Wilderness, Wilderness Agility Course, Barrows, Melzar's Maze, Ape Atoll Dungeon, Underground Pass Salve amulet 1, 2
Spiders 1 Melzar's Maze, Sorceress's house, Lumbridge castle basement, behind Lumbridge Castle, 3rd level of Stronghold of Security, Ape Atoll temple, Ogre Enclave, Wilderness, Karamja, Underground Pass Antipoison (only if fighting the poisonous variants) 1
Steel dragons 1 Brimhaven Dungeon, Catacombs of Kourend Anti-dragon shield, Dragonfire shield or Antifire potion and a good Stab (Abyssal whip or Dragon scimitar works too!), or Fire Bolt or better 4, 5, 6
Suqahs 1 Lunar Isle None (Seal of passage is recommended for communicating with Moon Clan people though.) 5, 6
Terror Dogs 40 Lair of Tarn Razorlor None 3
Trolls 1 Mountain trolls: Trollheim, tunnel outside Keldagrim, Death Plateau; Ice trolls: icy islands north of the Fremennik Isles, ice path north of Trollheim None 3, 4, 5
Turoths 55 Fremennik Slayer Dungeon Leaf-bladed sword, Leaf-bladed spear, Leaf-bladed battleaxe, Magic Dart, Broad arrows, or Broad bolts 3, 4, 5
Vampyres 1 Haunted Woods, near Abandoned Mine Holy symbol 2, 3
Vyrewatch 31 The woods east of Burgh de Rott, Meiyerditch Rod of ivandis 4, 6
Wall beasts 35 Lumbridge Swamp Caves Spiny helmet or Slayer helmet 2, 3
Waterfiends 1 Ancient Cavern, Kraken Cove Crush attacks 6
Werewolves 1 Canifis None 3
Wolves 1 1st level of Stronghold of Security, White Wolf Mountain, Feldip Hills None 1, 2
Zombies 1 Tree Gnome Village dungeon, Entrana Dungeon, Edgeville Dungeon, Graveyard of Shadows, 2nd level of Stronghold of Security, Varrock Sewers, Draynor Sewers, Wizards' Guild basement, Lair of Tarn Razorlor Salve amulet 1, 2
Zygomites 57 Zanaris Fungicide spray 4, 5, 6

Boss slayer


Players who have unlocked the Like a boss ability via spending 200 slayer reward points can have Nieve/Steve, Duradel or Krystilia (Wilderness only) assign them boss monsters in addition to the tasks they already assign. Slayer masters will check the requirements needed to access the boss; for example, if the player doesn't have 85 Slayer, they won't offer them an Abyssal Sire task. They will allow the player to decide the amount of bosses they wish to kill for that task, ranging from 3-35 per task.

Completing this type of assignment will always grant 5,000 slayer experience after the task is complete. The following bosses can be assigned:

Kree'arra Commander Zilyana General Graardor Vorkath
K'ril Tsutsaroth Dagannoth Rex Dagannoth Prime
Dagannoth Supreme Giant Mole Kalphite Queen
King Black Dragon Callisto Venenatis
Vet'ion Chaos Elemental Chaos Fanatic
Crazy archaeologist Scorpia Barrows
Zulrah Kraken Thermonuclear smoke devil
Cerberus Abyssal Sire Grotesque Guardians

Slayer Partners

The Slayer partner interface.

Slayer Partners were introduced to Old School RuneScape on 7 May 2015, which allows two players to work together on a Slayer assignment after inviting your partner to be your slayer partner by using an enchanted gem, slayer ring or slayer helmet on them.

However, there are a few restrictions to prevent players being given tasks that they should not get. You will only be given a slayer assignment that you have unlocked, have the slayer and combat level to complete and do not have blocked. If these criteria are not met then your partner will receive the task but you will not. You will be notified if this happens.

Players can dismiss their slayer partner at any time by using an enchanted gem, slayer ring or slayer helm to open up the interface.

Slayer reward points

Main article: Slayer reward point
On 12 December 2013, slayer reward points were released. Slayer reward points may be earned after having completed 5 tasks in a row without having a task changed by Turael. However, players may cancel a task by spending 30 points.

The rewards that can be bought with these points include unlocking new monsters as a Slayer task, a Slayer ring, the ability to combine all Slayer headgear into one item, the Slayer helmet, and even the ability to prevent players from being assigned a specific task forever.

Since getting good tasks worth keeping isn't guaranteed, it is suggested that players get their first four kills on the Slayer master Mazchna, and then get any other kills from there on higher masters like Duradel.

After getting 5 or more tasks in a row, Slayer masters will hand out points when players finish their tasks. The number of points varies as the difficulty of the Slayer master increases.

Every 10th, 50th, 100th, 250th, and 1,000th task, a special bonus is given to the player's slayer reward points, the bonuses also differ in points to each Slayer master. Whenever a task is done the player will be notified on what number task it is, and the total amount of points they have. This can help players plan to what slayer master they prefer to go next, to maximise the number of slayer reward points in the shortest amount of time.

Master Location Points given per completed Task Points per 10th Points per 50th Points per 100th Points per 250th Points per 1,000th
Turael Burthorpe opposite the pub to the east N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Mazchna Northeast of Canifis 2 5 15 50 70 100
Vannaka Northeast area of Edgeville Dungeon 4 20 60 100 140 200
Chaeldar Throne room in Zanaris 10 50 150 250 350 500
Nieve/Steve At the Tree Gnome Stronghold, south-west of the Spirit tree 12 60 180 300 420 600
Duradel On the roof of the Fishing store in Shilo Village 15 75 225 375 525 750
Krystilia Jailhouse northeast of Edgeville bank 25 125 375 625 875 1,250

After earning enough points, players will be able to buy rewards with earned points. (See main article for more details)

The Slayer helmet combines the stat boosting qualities of the Black mask with the protective slayer headgear facemask, nosepeg, earmuffs, and Spiny helmet, with the defence bonuses of a rune full helm; making it the best melee helmet option for slayers. This allows for monsters like aberrant spectres and dust devils to be killed while having the bonuses of the 15% attack and strength increase. Players can also imbue their slayer helmets via the Nightmare Zone. This gives all the bonuses of the slayer helmet, while boosting ranged and magic by 15% as well. The Slayer helmet's effects do not stack with a salve amulet or salve amulet (e) for a bonus on undead creatures such as aberrant spectres. The Slayer helmet has a better bonus so it is recommended just to wear the Slayer helmet and an amulet of your choice (unless you have yet to unlock the ability to create the helmet and use the nose peg for example; then a salve amulet is recommended).

Beginner training

Note: This beginner's training guide assumes that you either are a low-level player or a player who cannot afford Guthan's. This guide assumes that you have the best equipment you can afford. Upon completion of the Varrock quiz from level 1 Slayer, you can get to level 9 with the 1000 XP it offers. Completion of the Wanted! quest can award you 5000 Slayer XP, which can level your Slayer from 1 to 20 (if you never started Slayer yet), as there is no Slayer requirement to do the quest.



The following quests are essential to do, mainly because they give access to either more Slayer monsters or make slaying easier. Some of these may be taken out, depending on your Combat level.


These quests are recommended as they only make slaying easier. Like the essential quests, some of these may be taken out if you have a low combat level.


These skills are aimed at lower levels. Higher levels, please see the skill chart on the Advanced Training section.

Skill Required Recommended
Attack 40 50+
Strength 40 50+
Defence 40 50+
Magic 55 67 for the NPC contact Lunar spell, 96 for the Spell Book Swap Lunar spell (assuming that you have completed Lunar Diplomacy)
Ranged 50 70 for full black dragonhide
Agility - 81 for all Slayer related shortcuts, 78 with Agility potion, 76 with summer pie
Prayer 43 70 for power-slaying with Piety
Fishing/Cooking - 76/80 for sharks, higher if possible. You also use cooking to make Slayer's Respite and Wild Pie.
Herblore - 72 so you can make your own ranging potions.
Farming - 79 so you can grow your own dwarf weed.
Construction - 55 so you can repair barrows armour in your house (assuming you have barrows armour to repair)





Since you do not have Guthan's to heal, your priority will be to kill as many of your assigned monsters as possible before having to bank for food. There are a few ways you can kill more monsters per trip.

  • Use the Dwarf multicannon when necessary. Do not use it in single-combat areas where there are no safespots and the monsters are spaced out. You should save your cannonballs for tasks that are in multi-combat areas, such as Kalphite and Dagannoth. You cannot use your cannon in the Slayer Tower nor in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon.
  • Use Vannaka under Edgeville. If you feel that you are up to it and have completed Lost City, you can try Chaeldar. If you're a high level without Guthan's, you can try Duradel, but expect a lot more bank runs during your tasks.
  • To easily reach Vannaka, use your Amulet of glory to teleport to Edgeville. The dungeon where he is located is easily reachable from there.
  • Accept the tasks that are given to you, unless you feel that you can't do it. In that case, change tasks.

Equipment and set-up

Generally, you'll be using Melee for a lot of your tasks. This chart will give you a general idea for what to wear. Any cape and gloves may be used. It is suggested to wear an Obsidian cape and any Metal gloves from Recipe for Disaster.

Attack style Monster examples Basic Equipment set Advanced equipment set
Melee attack Gargoyles, Trolls, etc. Rune platebody, Rune platelegs, Berserker helm, Amulet of glory, Rune kiteshield, Rune boots, melee weapon Torag's platebody and Torag's platelegs, along with higher level equipment (Amulet of fury, Fighter torso, etc.)
Magic-based melee attack Banshees, Pyrefiends, Cave horrors, etc. Blue dragonhide body and chaps, Amulet of glory, melee weapon, Holy book or elemental shield, Elemental helm, snakeskin or ranger boots Substitute blue dragonhide for black dragonhide. Wear a black mask.
Magic attack Aberrant spectres Same as Magic-based melee attack -
Ranged attack Dagannoths Same as Melee attack Same as melee attack
Dragon Green, Blue, Red, Black You can melee Green Dragons using just rune plate and legs. Range Blue Dragons using a magic shortbow. You can use a Crystal bow or knives. You can also melee blue dragons.
Dragon Bronze, Iron, Steel You should change these tasks if you are a lower level. For higher levels, you should wear your best prayer boosting gear and melee them while using prayer. You can also mage or range them using Antifire potions/Anti-dragon shield and standing more than one square away, effectively acting as a safespot. -

Your inventory should include the Slayer gem and a teleport to the closest bank. It is recommended to bring a few alching runes as well as bones to peaches runes. You should then fill the rest of your inventory with food, leaving 2 to 4 spaces open for drops.

Advanced training

Note: This advanced training guide assumes that you are an above average player with decent skills, have plenty of cash (or the ability to make plenty of cash), and don't mind training Slayer with little profit.



The following quests are essential to do, mainly because they give access to either more slayer monsters or make slaying easier.


These quests are recommended as they only make slaying easier.


Skill Required Recommended
Attack 70 80+
Strength 70 80+
Defence 70 80+
Magic 55 67 for the NPC contact Lunar spell, 96 for the Spell Book Swap Lunar spell
Ranged - 70 for full black dragonhide
Agility - 81 for all Slayer related shortcuts, 78 with Agility potion
Prayer 43 70 for power-slaying with Piety
Fishing/Cooking - 76/80 for sharks, higher if possible. You also use cooking to make Slayer's Respite and Wild Pie.
Herblore - 72 so you can make your own ranging potions.
Farming - 79 so you can grow your own dwarf weed.
Construction - 55 so you can repair barrows armour in your house.



1: It is possible to substitute super defence with Excalibur which has a +8 Defence boost as its special.



Ideally, you want to get to your set task, and stay there until the task is complete. If you wish to break-even (or better) whilst training Slayer, complete any clue scrolls that are dropped. It is recommended that you use High Level Alchemy on most of the dropped items, alching anything above a steel battleaxe. Generally, you get as many nature runes as you need whilst training Slayer for you to be able to alch comfortably.

  • Use a Dwarf multicannon on every task where it reasonable to do so. This means that not only multi-combat area monsters should be targeted, but if there is a safe spot, you can also set up a cannon there, and only leave the safe spot to refill the cannon whilst it's doing its work. Examples of monsters that may be cannoned that aren't in a multi-combat area are Hellhounds and Fire giants.
  • Use Chaeldar in Zanaris. Once you hit 50 Slayer and 100 Combat, you can use Duradel in Shilo Village, although it is recommended that you do not use Duradel until you hit 70 Slayer, as then he can assign some of the better tasks to you, such as Dust devils and Jellies.
  • Having Lunar spells set may be a reasonable strategy if you don't mind not alching some of the drops and are able to complete a task in one go. You should have plenty of bank space to alch drops later, and plenty of teleport tablets. It allows you to contact the Slayer masters without having to visit them in person.
  • To get a new task, glory teleport to Edgeville, go east across the river with your dramen or lunar staff to the fairy ring, and run north to Chaeldar.
  • You should use potions frequently (Super sets, Ranging potions) whilst training Slayer.
  • Slayer Tower tasks - Bank at Edgeville as necessary, then use the fairy ring code CKS to get there.
  • Slayer Dungeon tasks - Bank at Edgeville as necessary, use fairy ring code AJR to get there, use a Super energy potion when your tasks is deep in the dungeon, unless you have 78+ Agility for the shortcut.
  • In general, accept the task you're given, except in the cases noted below.
  • Always take some cash to the Slayer master (100k recommended), so you can buy any necessary items.
  • For the highly advanced players: If you really want to spend a lot of money on it, then you could do the following:
    • Have Lunar spells set, use NPC Contact, and only do cannon tasks, changing all ones where you can't.
    • Using prayer potions and Dharok's would be extremely fast experience too, but expensive.
    • Hire fellow players that you can kill-steal from. In theory, you could get a significant amount of Slayer XP if other players reduce monsters of your task to a small amount of Hitpoints, then run away so you can get the kill - you only get half the Slayer experience when doing this, but this is offset by the speed that the experience is gained.

Equipment and attack-styles

Your choice of equipment should be based on the monster's attack style. By keeping the customary "sets" that you will need together in the bank, it will speed up moving from one task to the next. This may involve buying 2 sets of the required items, which can be expensive. For the vast majority of players, Melee is the best option for most tasks, though there are a few notable exceptions.

Attack style Monster examples Basic Equipment set Advanced equipment set
Melee attack Gargoyles, Trolls, etc. Rune plate, rune legs, rune defender, black mask, whip, barrows gloves, cape of achievement or obsidian cape, rune boots Guthan's for healing, Torags legs/plate for when you don't need to heal and fire cape.
Magic-based melee attack Banshees, Pyrefiends, Cave horrors, etc. Black dragonhide body and chaps, whip, saradomin book or rune defender, black mask, barrows gloves, snakeskin or ranger boots If you have high health and magic, you could try to use full Guthan's to heal.
Magic attack Aberrant spectres Same as Magic-based melee attack Full proselyte, saradomin sword or abyssal whip and defender, slayer helmet, half or full inventory of prayer pots.
Ranged attack Dagannoths Full rune, whip -
Dragon green,blue,red,black Range, crystal bow or knives recommended -
Dragon bronze,iron,steel Mage, wearing full splitbark or better, and Magic dart or better spell to kill, whilst using antifire potions and a dragonfire shield. Barrows armour or full bandos, slayer helmet, zamorakian hasta, dragonfire shield with antifire potions and a few rows of prayer pots.

Maximum slayer/slayer obsessive

Note: This may require new account. High level items and lots of money.



Skill Required Recommended
Attack 60 75+
Strength 60 70+
Defence 40 85+
Hitpoints 60 70 Access to Zamorak's Fortress
Magic 61 67 for the NPC contact Lunar spell, 96 for the Spell Book Swap Lunar spell
Ranged - 70 for full black dragonhide
Agility - 81 for all Slayer related shortcuts, 78 with Agility potion
Prayer 43 70 for power-slaying with Piety
Farming - 99 for three extra spirit trees
Construction - 55 so you can repair barrows armour in your house.
Crafting 75 After purchasing the ability to do so from any slayer master for 300 points, players can craft slayer rings which have the ability to teleport the user to multiple popular slayer locations.
Other skills - High enough for Quest requiments



Ideal gear

Max Strength bonus gear

Max Stab attack bonus gear

Max Slash attack bonus gear

Max Range attack bonus gear

Max Magic attack bonus gear

Max Prayer bonus gear

Such as:


A player can block up to 5 different slayer tasks from being assigned by spending Slayer points. Players will be able to block a 6th monster as a reward for completing the Lumbridge & Draynor Elite Diary. Below are some commonly blocked tasks.

Task strategies

Monster Alch runes? Strategy
Bronze dragons - Change them, as their drops do not make up for the cost.
Iron dragons yes Change them if you do not have at least 80 in all combat stats. If you do have 80 in all combat stats, wear full Proselyte and use Protect from Melee while meleeing them. Antifire potions will help. You can also mage them using Slayer Dart or Fire Bolt with the Chaos gauntlets, while using Antifire potions to take no damage. This course of action is best if your mage is above 80.
Steel dragons yes Change them if you do not have at least 90 in all combat stats. Use the same strategy as with iron dragons.
Aberrant spectres yes Wear a nosepeg and full black dragonhide, use melee and the protect from magic prayer if you don't care too much about individual herb drops and want the task over quickly. Another option is simply to change them.
Shadow warriors no Melee
Pyrefiends natures only Magic-based melee attack, use full black dragonhide/whip or range if you are a lower level.
Basilisks fires only Mirror shield, melee, Bones to Peaches is an option.
Trolls yes Trollheim, cannon is an option. Wear full rune and use melee. There is a cannon spot on Death Plateau, just behind one of the houses. Placing it in the correct location means you get to hit two Troll generals as well, without ever being hit yourself, meanwhile using range. Just bear in mind this is not overly quick, and can be expensive.
Jellies yes Quicker to take second shortcut than go round to get to them. Uses a magic-based melee attack. Wear full black dragonhide and use melee.
Dagannoths no Go to lighthouse, use cannon, wear melee armour and use melee, but you'll spend most of your time filling the cannon rather than fighting, so bring range and super defence potions if needed. Fast slayer exp. You will lose money on this task (cannonballs), but growing the herb seed drops may mitigate the loss somewhat.
Dust devils yes Melee, good task if you have a Slayer helmet on. If you do not own one, it can be a somewhat annoying task. Bones to Peaches is a very good helper on dust devils, unless you plan on using prayer or helm switching with guthan's.
Gargoyles no Guthan's strongly recommended because they hit hard, you'll need a nosepeg to get there faster using shortcut, and you'll need a rock hammer. There is also one safespot if you wish to range them.
Wall beasts no Need spiny helm, melee
Cave horrors fires only Wear full black dragonhide/melee. Fairly tough to do in a single sitting, so guthan's should be an option. Requires a witchwood icon to melee them. They can be ranged from a safespot.
Hellhounds no Go to Taverley Dungeon, put cannon on upper floor, and it will hit the ones below. Preferably use full black and range the nearest one, there's plenty of hiding spots even on the upper floor. Level 3 clues may pay for the cost of the cannonballs if you're lucky.
Blue dragons no Range them. Blue dragons are worthwhile spending some time over, because they're a good money making/extra experience trip. Killing the dragons in Gu'Tanoth is recommended because they're less busy than the ones in the Taverley Dungeon, ranging them with a crystal bow is fairly fast and the hides more than pay for the recharge of the bow, and you get excellent Prayer experience from them. Having your house in Yanille can speed up banking/return trips significantly.
Jungle horrors no Change them, as they are tough and slow experience. Their drops are also poor.
Kurasks yes Changing recommended. If you want to fight them, ranging is recommended using broad arrows, there are 2 safe ranging spots there, and broad arrows are at least as fast as the leaf-bladed sword, especially when potted. The only downside is that this trip will cost you around 100k in broad arrows, but you'll make this back in clues/rune long drops/mystic bottom drops. If you use broad-tipped bolts, you won't have too much of a problem with them.
Kalphites yes Melee, use cannon on the warriors in the cave where the potato cacti are found. You will lose money on this task (cannonballs), but pick up some potato cacti before you leave as these are worth significant amounts and are in relatively high demand from players training herblore. You could also range or halberd the guardians outside of the Kalphite Queen's lair, as they give better loot and more experience, but are more difficult to kill.
Fire giants natures only Go to waterfall area and set up cannon in main room, hide by the door and just watch the cannon do its work. Fast slayer experience. Almost certain money loss on this task, but you may get some rune scimitar drops to mitigate it, and if you're *extremely*lucky, a dragon medium helmet.
Elves yes If your combat is reasonably high or you need teleport crystals, do them (use melee), otherwise they should be changed. Best option is in Lletya because there is an altar and a bank close to the spawns for the elves. They have reasonable drops, but their defence is notably high, so this will be slow experience, unless you can deal significant damage with a cannon and/or dharoks.
Turoths yes Changing recommended. If you wish to fight them, use a Leaf-bladed sword. It is possible to range them using broad arrows, as there are 2 safespots you can utilise. Bones to Peaches is an option if you do decide to do them. Broad-tipped bolts are a better option instead of broad arrows.
Cockatrices no use mirror shield/melee
Bloodvelds yes magic-based melee attack, so use full black dragonhide/melee. Bones to Peaches an option. They don't have particularly good drops, but they're good experience as they have a high number of hitpoints, lowish defence, and don't hit particularly hard. Also, they can be ranged from behind the chair in the northeast corner of the larger room.
Werewolves no (bank is close) Either melee or range them.
Zygomites no They're only given out in low numbers, but they're worth doing because they're fairly close to Chaeldar. Use full black dragonhide and melee them. Need fungicide spray/reloads.
Nechryael no Use melee. The annoying death spawns can be avoided simply by running to the other side of the room or running around with the death spawn behind or on the side of the nechryael. You can use guthan's to heal on the spawns, and even use guthan's to heal on someone else's spawn if necessary. Remember a nosepeg or Slayer helmet if you go through the shortcut past the Aberrant spectres.
Black demons yes Hide in one of the safe spots in the Taverley Dungeon and use a cannon whilst ranging the nearest demon. This is tough to carry out as black demons hit extremely hard - taking a couple of prayer potions helps as well as some good food. You will lose a lot of money on this task if you're using a cannon. Their Rune chainbody drops may decrease the money lost from cannoning.

Another option if you have completed Monkey Madness II: killing Demonic gorillas, at over 400 Slayer xp each and drops such as the Heavy frame and Zenyte shard, are well worth the extra time it takes to kill them.

Temporary boosts

The Salve amulet is a reward from the Haunted Mine quest. You can enchant it (make it a Salve amulet (e)) by defeating Tarn Razorlor and using the book on the amulet. Black masks are available by fighting Cave horrors in a cave on Mos Le'Harmless. When meleeing Cave horrors, a Witchwood icon is required.

Quests rewarding Slayer experience

Quest Experience
Slayer req. Other requirements
Natural history quiz
1,000 - -
Recipe for Disaster
(Dwarf subquest)
1,000 - -
Animal Magnetism 1,000 18 Slayer icon.png 19 Crafting icon.png, 30 Ranged icon.png, 35 Woodcutting icon.png
The General's Shadow
2,000 - -
Royal Trouble 5,000 40 Slayer icon.png 40 Agility icon.png
Wanted! 5,000 - 32 Quest point icon.png
Lair of Tarn Razorlor
5,000 40 Slayer icon.png -
Monkey Madness II 25,000 69 Slayer icon.png 70 Crafting icon.png, 60 Hunter icon.png, 55 Agility icon.png, 55 Thieving icon.png
Total 45,000

Skill choice

Upon completing any of the following quests, players may choose to allocate experience to Slayer. These rewards usually come in the form of items, such as lamps or books, and are independent of any experience rewards directly received for completing the quest.

Quest Experience
Skills available Skill requirements
Client of Kourend 500 twice Any -
Fairytale II - Cure a Queen 2,500 Any skill above 30 49 Farming icon.png, 57 Herblore icon.png
A Tail of Two Cats 2,500 twice Any skill above 30 -
The Great Brain Robbery 5,000 Any skill above 30 16 Crafting icon.png, 30 Construction icon.png, 50 Prayer icon.png
King's Ransom 5,000 Any skill above 50 65 Defence icon.png
Darkness of Hallowvale 2,000 three times Any skill above 30 5 Construction icon.png, 20 Mining icon.png, 22 Thieving icon.png, 32 Crafting icon.png, 33 Magic icon.png, 40 Strength icon.png
Curse of the Empty Lord
10,000 Any skill above 50 Some players will need 31 Prayer icon.png
One Small Favour 10,000 twice Any skill above 30 36 Agility icon.png, 25 Crafting icon.png, 18 Herblore icon.png, 30 Smithing icon.png
Recipe for Disaster
(The final battle)
20,000 Any skill above 50 175 Quest point icon.png, 48 Agility icon.png, 50 Mining icon.png, 53 Fishing icon.png, 53 Thieving icon.png, 25 Herblore icon.png, 59 Magic icon.png, 40 Smithing icon.png, 50 Firemaking icon.png, 40 Ranged icon.png, 40 Crafting icon.png, 10 Fletching icon.png, 10 Slayer icon.png, 36 Woodcutting icon.png
Total 74,500


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