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The Slayer ring (eternal) is a special slayer ring that gives unlimited teleport charges compared to the eight of its regular counterpart.

Like the regular ring, making it requires level 75 Crafting (can be boosted). Players must have the eternal gem, a gold bar, and a ring mould in their inventories and use the gold bar on a furnace to make the ring. Making a ring yields 15 Crafting experience, the same as an ordinary gold ring.

Be warned that once crafted, the gem cannot be taken out of the ring. Also, if lost to another player, it will completely disappear.

Players can obtain the eternal gem used to make the ring by killing superior slayer monsters, which are rare encounters unlocked after purchasing the unlock Bigger and Badder for 150 Slayer reward points from any Slayer master. The gem can also be purchased from other players or from the Grand Exchange. To make the ring, players must learn how to do so for a one-time cost of 300 points.


The ring will teleport players to any of the locations displayed below.

The slayer ring will allow players to teleport at up to level 30 Wilderness.

Destination Details
Slayer Tower Players will arrive just inside the main door on the ground floor[?]. Players can use this for fast access to Canifis. Requires completion of Priest in Peril.
Fremennik Slayer Dungeon Players arrive just inside the entrance to the dungeon. This destination is notable because it is the third closest possible teleport to a fairy ring, the Quest point cape teleport being the closest.
Tarn's Lair Players arrive in an empty room next to terror dogs. Requires completion of Haunted Mine quest.
Stronghold Slayer Cave Players will arrive just outside the entrance to the dungeon. Those who use NPC Contact may find this teleport useful as they can easily cancel/block their tasks with Nieve and use NPC contact with other Slayer masters (such as Duradel) to get a new task. This teleport spot is also close to a Bank.
Dark Beasts After completion of Mourning's End Part II the ring can be used to teleport the player directly to dark beasts, without the need for Mourner clothing