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To train Slayer efficiently, it is recommended that you begin after reaching 70-80 combat, with reasonable gear.

Unless you are making cannonballs yourself, most of the time you won't be using a dwarf multicannon but rather using only melee or magic. This makes certain tasks such as suqahs and kalphites (unless killing the Kalphite Queen) almost blockworthy, as they have no notable drops and offer mediocre melee experience rates.

Do tasks which give you a lot of useful resources, even if they don't offer the highest experience rates. Aberrant spectres, kurasks and nechryaels (the ones in the Slayer Tower) drop herbs and seeds very frequently, gargoyles drop coins and alchable items, blue dragons drop dragon bones for Prayer training. Block/skip tasks which offer little resources and/or poor experience rates.

When using Slayer reward points, prioritise blocking and skipping poor tasks over unlocking perks and extensions. Unlock superior slayer monsters, the slayer helmet and the ability to craft slayer rings first. If you are using Ranged often, consider unlocking Broader Fletching perk early on for the ability to fletch broad bolts.

Ring of wealth is a good choice for the ring slot before you have access to Fremennik rings, as it automatically collects coin drops from monsters. Hardcore Ironmen should wear a ring of life on tasks which they can easily die if they disconnect.

Unless you want to get quicker Magic levels, use defensive casting when bursting tasks (such as dust devils), since it gives more experience overall. If you are low on herb seeds, kill normal nechryaels with melee instead of bursting Greater Nechryael in the Catacombs of Kourend.

Before you can kill abyssal demons for the abyssal whip, train only Strength after you have 75 Attack (for Arclight) and 70 Defence (for Barrows equipment). Once you have obtained the abyssal whip, train on controlled until you have 99 Strength (if you haven't already), and after that train Attack and Defence. If you have a kraken tentacle, use the excess abyssal whips for an abyssal tentacle.

Wilderness Slayer

Krystilia chathead

Taking tasks from Krystilia is one of the more convenient methods to obtain mysterious emblems for a rune pouch and to boost Slayer points for unlocking perks and extensions. Krystilia has no requirements, but players should be sufficient enough to survive in the Wilderness.

When doing Wilderness tasks, only risk easily replaceable equipment you are willing to lose, such as monk robes or dragonhide armour.



Slayer helmet
Fire cape
Amulet of glory
Peaceful blessing
Dragon scimitar
Fighter torso
Dragon defender
Obsidian platelegs
Barrows gloves
Climbing boots
Ring of wealth
Common mid-level gear
The aim for melee equipment is to maximise the player's strength bonus.

Typical low/mid-level gear includes:

Important milestones

  • Level 58 - Cave horror: Black mask
  • Level 75 - Gargoyles: Very good money (can be considered the beginning of high level slayer)
  • Level 83 - Spiritual mage: Dragon boots
  • Level 85 - Abyssal demon: Abyssal whip and abyssal dagger
  • Level 87 - Cave kraken: Trident of the seas and kraken tentacle
  • Level 91 - Cerberus: Primordial, pegasian and eternal crystals
  • Level 93 - Smoke devil: Occult necklace

Killing bosses and demi-bosses on task

Abyssal Sire (Abyssal demons)

Abyssal Sire drops the unsired, which can be placed at the Font of Consumption and gives the player a reward in the process. The most notable rewards are the abyssal bludgeon pieces and the abyssal dagger.

Cerberus (Hellhounds)

Cerberus drops the primordial, pegasian and eternal crystals, which are used to create best-in-slot boots in the game.

Dagannoth Kings (Dagannoths)

Dagannoth Kings are killed for their unique drops (notably the rings and the dragon axe). After completion of elite tasks in the Fremennik Diary, killing the boss trio also offers good Prayer experience from the noted dagannoth bones.

Demonic gorillas (Black demons)

Demonic gorillas drop the zenyte shard, which can be used to make the best-in-slot jewellery. Demonic gorillas also drop good alchables and decent amount of high-level tree seeds.

Lizardman shamans (Lizardmen)

Lizardman shamans drop the dragon warhammer, which has one of the most useful special attacks in the game. On task, the player can kill lizardman shamans in the Lizardman Caves which is often way less crowded than the Lizardman Canyon.

Kalphite Queen (Kalphites)

Kalphite Queen is killed for Herblore and Farming supplies, most notable being the wines of zamorak and potato cacti.

Kree'arra (Aviansies)

Kree'arra is killed for Armadyl armour pieces.

K'ril Tsutsaroth (Greater demons)

K'ril Tsutsaroth is killed for the Zamorakian spear, Staff of the dead and Zamorak hilt.

Vorkath (Blue dragons)

Vorkath is killed for money, Prayer and Crafting experience.

Task summary

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This is a list of monsters assigned by Duradel, along with the pros and cons of completing the task. This table aims to empower players in choosing their tasks based on the pros and cons of each task reflecting on drops, transport and access, combat area etc. Alternatively, an analysis of tasks from an xp/h standpoint is below.

The list assumes that dwarf multicannon is not used.

Monster name Slayer level Combat level Pros Cons Do/skip/block Approx xp/hr
Aberrant spectres 60 96 Good Herblore experience. Requires frequent banking if herb sack isn't available. Do 35k
Abyssal demons 85 124 Drops the abyssal whip, which can be used to create an abyssal tentacle. Decent Prayer experience from ensouled abyssal heads. Overall mediocre drops. Long task if meleeing, maging is extremely expensive. Do (only if you wish to collect whips for abyssal tentacle), block otherwise 31k (melee), 52k (magic)
Ankous 1 75-95 Relatively fast task. Poor drops. Should be skipped if Slayer points are not an issue. Skip
Aviansies 1 69-148 Frequently drops adamantite bars. Far from a bank, relatively slow task and requires completion of the Hard Fremennik Diary for bars to become noted (Wilderness Aviansies drop noted bars but are far more dangerous). Long task if killing Kree'arra. Unlock only if killing Kree'arra.
Dark beasts 90 182 Fast task when unextended. Somewhat poor drops for their level. Do
Cave horror 58 80 Decent Herblore and Prayer experience, fast task if blowpiping. Slow experience rates if using melee due to the monsters being spread apart. Do/Skip 22k (blowpipe)
Cave kraken 87 127/291 Killing the boss variant yields a decent amount of various supplies. Slow experience rates, long task if killing the boss. Do until you get the trident of the seas and kraken tentacle, block afterwards 15k
Bloodvelds 50 76, 81, 123 Good experience rates, mutated bloodvelds frequently drop blood runes. Decent Prayer experience from ensouled bloodveld heads. Often crowded. Poor drops if not killing mutated bloodvelds. Do 29k
Black demons 1 172 Decent Prayer experience from ensouled demon heads. Very long task, mediocre experience rates. Poor drops if not killing demonic gorillas. Skip/Block (unless killing demonic gorillas)
Black dragons 1 227 If killing baby black dragons, a very fast task when unextended. Baby black dragons only drop babydragon bones. Do
Blue dragons 1 111 Good Prayer experience. Blue dragons on task are more efficient overall than green dragons off task. Vorkath may be killed instead for decent Prayer experience and excellent supplies. Requires frequent banking. Long task if killing Vorkath. Do 20k
Bosses Varies (1 for all except a few) Varies Can be a relatively quick task depending on what boss you get, in addition to 5,000 Slayer experience upon completion of the task. Some bosses can be rather annoying to kill, and requires 200 Slayer points to unlock boss tasks. Do/Skip/Should not be unlocked
Dagannoths 1 74, 92 Good experience rates if using a toxic blowpipe with a serpentine helm to venom dagannoths in the Lighthouse Dungeon. Good Herblore experience, decent Prayer experience from ensouled dagannoth heads. Dagannoth Kings may be killed instead for Prayer experience. Can be crowded in the Lighthouse Dungeon. Blowpipe & serpentine helm method uses a lot of Zulrah's scales. Do 30k (melee), 53k (blowpipe & serpentine helm)
Dust devils 65 93 Good experience rates if maging in the Catacombs of Kourend. Alchables cover most of the money spent into runes. Can be crowded in the Catacombs of Kourend. Do 68k (mage)
Elves 1 90, 108 Decent Herblore and Prayer experience. Not worth doing unless Slayer points are an issue. Skip
Fire giants 1 86, 104, 109 Decent experience rates. Rather poor drops. Can be crowded. Skip
Gargoyles 75 111 Good money and supplies. Can be crowded in the Slayer Tower. Do 31k
Greater demons 1 92 Decent Prayer experience from ensouled demon heads. Poor drops. Block
Hellhounds 1 122, 127 Frequently drops hard clue scrolls. No drops unless killing Cerberus. Killing Cerberus uses a lot of prayer potions. Block (unless killing Cerberus)
Iron dragons 1 189 None. Slow experience rates, poor drops for their level. Skip 25k
Kalphites 1 28, 85, 141, 333 Fast task if killing the workers. No notable drops unless killing the Kalphite Queen. Block (unless killing the Kalphite Queen)
Kurasks 70 106 Good Herblore experience and decent supplies. Poor experience rates if leaf-bladed battleaxe isn't available. Somewhat far from a bank and going to them can take a while without 81 Agility. Do
Lizardmen 1 53, 62, 73, 150 Should only be unlocked if killing lizardman shamans for the dragon warhammer. Blowpiping lizardman shamans requires a lot of Zulrah's scales and prayer potions. Should not be unlocked (unless killing lizardman shamans) 34k (blowpipe)
Mithril dragons 1 304 None. Harder than Steel dragons due to increased stats and the ability to attack with all three combat styles. Should not be unlocked
Zygomite 57 74, 86 Fast task. Should be skipped if Slayer points are not an issue. Skip
Nechryaels 80 115 Best task for Herblore experience and good money. Meleeing in the Slayer Tower is more efficient than maging in the Catacombs of Kourend. Greater Nechryaels are often crowded and killing them requires frequent banking if Explorer's ring 4 isn't available. Do 31k (Melee) or

90k (Mage)

Red dragons 1 48, 152, 289 Good Prayer and decent Crafting experience after completing elite tasks of the Karamja Diary (for noted hides). Relatively slow to kill without a toxic blowpipe. Toggle on (after completion of elite tasks of the Karamja Diary)
Skeletal Wyverns 72 198 Decent supplies and Prayer experience. Fast task when unextended. Slow experience rates, especially if ranging. Far from a bank which makes banking the bones inconvenient. Do/Skip 10k
Smoke devils 93 160 High experience rates if maging. Alchables cover some of the money spent into runes. Maging them efficiently requires practice. Slow to lure without a dwarf multicannon. Do 70k/120k (Mage)
Spiritual creatures 63, 68, 83 115-134 Decent profit if killing the mages. Rangers and warriors can be relatively slow and clunky to deal with and are not as profitable as mages. Skip 25k
Steel dragons 1 246 Fast task with high combat stats. Slow experience rates. Should be skipped if Slayer points are not an issue Do/Skip 25k
Suqahs 1 111 None. Slow experience rates, no notable drops. Block
TzHaar 1 74, 103, 133, 149, 702 High experience rates if the player is experienced in the Fight Caves. No drops other than the Tokkul reward from completing the Fight Caves, which makes this task not worth doing even for the high experience rates. Do not unlock Varies
Waterfiends 1 115 Decent supplies. A good crush weapon (such as abyssal bludgeon or zamorakian hasta) is required to kill them efficiently. Not worth doing unless Slayer points are an issue. Skip 35k
Trolls 1 Varies heavily Decent drops if killing ice trolls on Jatizso. Travelling to Jatizso can take a while. Not worth doing unless Slayer points are an issue. Skip
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