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|Name = Uncut sapphire}}{{Template:DropsLine
|Name = Uncut sapphire}}{{Template:DropsLine
|Name = Fire rune}}{{Template:DropsLine
|Name = Fire rune}}{{Template:DropsLine
|Name = Kebabs}}{{Template:DropsLine
|Name = Kebab}}{{Template:DropsLine
|Name = White Mystic Gloves}}
|Name = Mystic Gloves}}

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Small Lizards can be found North of Nardah, you need Ice Coolers to kill them.


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Silver ore Silver ore Unknown Unknown 62|- style="text-align:center;" File:Iron Ore.png Iron Ore Unknown Unknown Error|- style="text-align:center;" Coal Coal Unknown Unknown 150|- style="text-align:center;" Uncut sapphire Uncut sapphire Unknown Unknown 486|- style="text-align:center;" Fire rune Fire rune Unknown Unknown 5|- style="text-align:center;" Kebab Kebab Unknown Unknown 36|- style="text-align:center;" File:Mystic Gloves.png Mystic Gloves Unknown Unknown Error
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