Solihib's Food Stall is a stall located on Ape Atoll. It sells monkey food such as banana stew. The player must be in the form of a monkey (see monkey greegrees) and wear the m'speak amulet to talk with him, but players could trade with him without one as long as they are in monkey form.

The monkey nuts and monkey bars that Solihib sells are helpful for paying farmers for taking care of a player's spirit tree. He's also the only one to make these items available after the completion of Monkey Madness I.

Additionally, the player can steal from the stall, but can only get bananas. Players must be in human form to steal from his stall.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
Monkey nuts Monkey nuts 200 3 1 176
Banana Banana 1,000 2 1 66
Banana stew Banana stew 10 300 150 11
Monkey bar Monkey bar 20 50 25 447

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