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A map of the Sorceress's Garden.

This is the guide for the Autumn Garden.


Elemental 1

Safespots 1, 2 and 3 are drawn in blue dots.

Stand in the first blue dot, safespot 1, drawn in the image. The first elemental runs east to west. When it starts to move west, run to the second blue dot, safespot 2. Wait for the elemental to pass you going the other way, and run to the third blue dot, safespot 3.

You will now be in a safezone, and can run along the purple line to the yellow dot drawn in the image.

This is a safe zone, up to the yellow dot.

Elementals 2 and 3

The second elemental runs north to south.

Stand on the yellow dot, and run to the red dot, safespot 4, when the elemental starts to move south.

From the red dot, move to the green dot, safespot 5, when the elemental passes you going north.

Red dot: safespot 4
Green dot: safespot 5

The next section is the hardest part of the Autumn garden. You need to move from the green dot to the blue dot. In order to do this, you need to wait for both the second and third elementals to sync in the southwest corner. Since one of their paths is 6 squares long, and one of them is 7 squares, it might take up to 5 rotations for them to sync. BE PATIENT.

When they both turn to leave the corner, elemental 2 going north and elemental 3 going east, run from the green dot to the blue dot.

Elementals 4, 5, and 6


Elemental 4 runs around its small bush in a white circle with blue arrows in the picture. Elementals 5 and 6 have very long paths east and west.

From this point, you can follow elemental 4 around his bush and be safe until you see elemental 5 start to make its trip east.

Your goal is to run to the white dot, safespot 6 while elemental 5 is by the herbs. Wait for it to come west before running to the orange dot, safespot 7.

Now wait for elemental 6 to come west before running into the tree enclosure.