Soul bearer detail.png

The soul bearer is an ancient artefact that draws souls from one place to another, enabling them to travel within the River of Souls across the dimensions. It is obtained from the Bear your Soul miniquest after the Key Master repairs the damaged soul bearer.

It sends ensouled heads to the player's bank, using one charge for each head. Charging it requires using one blood rune and one soul rune on it (currently costing 513 per charge), to a maximum of 1,000 charges. These charges can be removed at any time by using the Uncharge right-click option. After an update, players can no longer uncharge it in a duel.

If a player loses the soul bearer, they can acquire another one by using a spade to dig in the Arceuus House crypt again.


  • The soul bearer resembles the large archaic skull found within Cerberus' Lair.

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