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The south-west Wilderness mine is located in level 9 Wilderness, just north-west of Edgeville, north of the Black Knights' Fortress, and south of the Dark Warriors' Fortress. This Mining site is a very rich coal mine since it contains over 30 coal rocks, which is sizeable in comparison to the Mining Guild, but players have to rely on running to safety or teleporting if attacked by player killers. This mine is recommended when the Mining Guild or other coal sites are crowded, or for players with a high Combat level.

  • The skeletons are aggressive to players of all levels. They stop being aggressive after around 10 minutes.
  • If players want to avoid additional monster encounters, they should travel north/south along the edge of the Black Knights' Fortress.
  • The closest bank is in Edgeville.
  • Because of the large amount of coal present here, this place is excellent for players wishing to use Superheat Item to smelt ores into bars.